Dark Souls: Demon Souls Sequel

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  1. I killed Crossbreed Priscilla and then Ornstein & Smough without too much trouble last night, infact in both cases I managed the fight first time.

    I took out Ornstein first as he gave me the best opportunity to hit him more often and didn't find Smough too hard with his added powers. Also took out that bastard who killed the firekeeper whilst I was in the area so I now have the firelink bonfire back.

    Having some humanity whilst having Quelaag's Fury Sword equipt really does boost it up, I was smashing the bosses for crazy numbers with an R2 attack.
  2. I earned the gear from the Forest Covenant. PvP is broken with this damn Fog Ring. I have it, but I hate it. Patch needed.

    I was killed half a dozen times by the same Fog Ring wielding asshole (endless locked on pyromancy attacks when I can't lock on at all; very classy and sporting of him), but I finally caught that jackass with a Great Axe backstab, destroying him. To my amazement, 675,000 souls were added to my total for killing him.
  3. I am still stuck at the Capra Demon, died like 3 or 4 times, but I've spent an hour going in circles Undead Burg - Firelink Shrine - Undead Parish to try to unlock various things like blacksmiths etc.

    I've found that the Black Knight in the Undead Burg is actually quite easy, it's just the matter of a discipline and timing. The same applies to this Havel the Rock guy, I almost got him the first and only time I've tried to fight him. The only difference is that he's much, much more resistant that the Black Knight.

    I think I will try to kill this Havel first and then retry the Capra.
  4. I had a little go on this earlier. The first practice area was easy and I remembered how to play easy enough. The first boss was easy too as after running away from it I went through white fog and managed to do a jumping attack from above him and took half his health down. The rest was dodge, heal and attack.

    The first proper area I kept going to that place with the ghosts before I realized I should not be there. I also got bombarded by skeletons in a little graveyard and they were nails. Eventually I managed to find the right way and I managed to get all the way to that first boss on the rooftops. I died and needed a rest. Think I will farm souls for a bit around that bonfire before I tackle him.

    Any tips guys? I am going for the platinum too hopefully.
  5. Yeah, good luck with that.... :|

    Is the first boss called the bell demon or something? Do the same with him as you did with the Asylum demon, drop from above or if you have fire magic use that.

    I need to start this again soon after my PS3 died and I lost my save. Think I will go for Quelaag's fury sword again as I liked that weapon but not looking forward to having to kill the Capra Demon again. Hoping that my experience with it last time will get me through to where I was without too much hassle.

    Blighttown :( , at least I know the back way in now via the valley of the drakes which will be quicker. In for Quelaag and out will be my plan to start with.
  6. Yeah that is the one. Climb up the ladder and jump down and dodge him until I can kill him I guess. A little grinding wont hurt either.
  7. Blighttown isn't so bad after you've killed off those guys that shoot poisoned projectiles at you. They don't respawn.
  8. Is that another challenge Grim old chap? I remember the FFXIII one which I am one trophy away from getting the plat for. I nearly have the Demon Souls one but couldn't be arsed to buy all spells etc and upgrade all weapons with different stones back then.
  9. So I decided to have a break from Skyrim and started this again last night. Went with a thief for a high Dex start and pretty much walked my way through to the Hellkite Dragon bridge. Took down the Taurus Demon with ease and didn't have any trouble at all until I decided to kill the first Dark Knight.

    Lured him out and managed to back stab him twice in a row, do you think I could get the third and final stab to kill him? Spent 5 minutes dancing around and each time I did get behind managed to mess it up, then as I am about to heal he charges and runs me through. At this point decided to call it a night, this game can be punishing even when you know what you are doing but was hoping to get a bit further before my first death if I am honest.
  10. Heard this might be ported to PC... hope it does.
  11. OK I am now convinced this game is a lot easier in patch 1.05.

    I destroyed the bell tower gargoyles last night without even trying. Last time I had to grind my ass off to be strong enough to kill these guys. Even with a shortsword +3 I took them both down in a few hits. They also do a lot less damage, the fire would pretty much kill me instantly before, this time I could take multiple hits if I wanted to.

    General enemies also drops a lot more souls and a lot more humanity as well as hitting less hard. I am already soul level 26 and haven't grinded at all.

    I did pop into the Capra Demon last night and although he killed me because I didn't really try too hard his hits didn't one hit me like they did when I first played this game. I pretty much just stood around and let him hit me and took 3 big hits before I went down.

    I know this game was hard but now it doesn't seem a challenge. I don't think its down to me having gotten that much better because even when your good in these games you are supposed to get punished for mistakes, it just doesn't happen anymore.
  12. What's this humanity about anyway? Not really played this since my first go a few days ago. I have far to many games to play.
  13. You use Humanity to become human again as well as kindle bonfires. You have to be human to summon other places but also while human you will run the risk of being invaded. Also the higher your humanity the higher the chance of drops from enemies. You lose your humanity when you die.
  14. Oh I know what that is now. Hah, I died a fair few times on my first go after going to that place with ghosts and getting ganged banged by like 7 of them in a small room. Realized I was not supposed to go there lol.
  15. You don't want to go there for a long time, infact 40 hours in before my PS3 died I still hadn't been there.

    At the moment you want Undead Burg -> Undead Parish-> Basement-> The depths -> Blighttown -> Sens Fortress -> Nor Londo. That will take you many, many hours alone and you won't have even gotten anywhere near the 4 bosses you need to kill to fight the final boss. Its a very big game with tons more areas than even the ones I just mentioned. After the Undead Parish for example you can go to the garden and kill the moonlight butterfly if you wanted.

    Tis a huge world so you best put some time aside for this one.
  16. Undead Burg is where I am at the moment. It's like the castle area from Demon Souls, but better.
  17. One tip for the Taurus Demon boss that killed you last time other than jumping from high, use fire!

    I just realised I forgot to get the Drake Sword! How stupid of me. Need to pop back to the bridge later with a bow.
  18. I did not have any fire bombs left so I just have my weapon and shield. I will grind a few levels before I take him on again. I hear you can climb that ladder then when he is below you can jump off attacking and take a big chunk of his health down.
  19. Yes that works but getting up the ladder can be dangerous after the first time so probably best to lead him to the other end of the bridge and then run for it back to the ladder. I think a combination of this and black fire bombs will kill him very quickly.
  20. I ran out of Black fire bombs on a group of mobs before the boss unless if I keep grinding some might drop some?