David Cameron sets out UK Welfare Reform Bill plans

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  1. Saw this on the news earlier. Mr wankstain wants to end all benefits to get everyone in to work.

    This is obviously a good idea, and a bad idea.
  2. I have to give you Brits credit. You're cutting deep.
  3. Wait just a fucking second. How do I find more information on this program? If I can make $42k to on welfare, I will gladly put up with all that shitty British food.
  4. That is only generally with big family's with children. Most single people on benefits rake in £200 to £500 a month. £200 being for Job seekers and Income support and a higher rate is usually for disabled type people. It increases a little bit more once that person reaches 25.

    Bad luck son, you have to be a British Citizen first with a N.I card. Or should I say good luck as "anyone" can be a British citizen these days to get our benefits. Maybe if it was only for real British people we would not be in debt etc. Real British meaning having a family tree that has been here for 100 years or more.

    The NHS is a prime example of this. We get it free and big operations that would cost you Americans an arm and a leg, foreigners can come over and get it "free".
  5. So living conditions are so much better that someone on welfare in the UK makes more than a teacher in the US? Why are we against socialism again?
  6. was that a joke
  7. Funnily enough, family's actually would lose more money if they were working than being on benefits. It is a fucked up system. Perhaps if the official hourly rate of pay was raised much higher then working would be more plausible. Currently it is at £5.71 I think.

    Nope and that was not a racist comment either, but what I really meant was if the government banned people from other country's coming over just to get benefits and free NHS, then we would not be in debt.
  8. Immigrants generates a slight income for the country overall when all things are considered. They're not responsible for our debt. Supporting the banking system is what's made our debt so big recently; the welfare system - especially pensions - and military spending are far bigger drains on our national budget. Immigrants are a covenient scapegoat for certain parties to distract people from the real issues.
  9. What are you exactly, a Nazi Monarchist?
  10. Currently its £5.93/hour.

    If you work an 8 hour day 5 days a week that's £237.20/week which if we take a month as being £237*52/12 = £1027.87/month before tax. I can't be bothered to work out the tax as I am not fully up on the new tax laws coming in where you don't pay tax on the first £8000 or so but as an estimate I would say you would take home around £800 of that after Tax and NI. Not really enough for someone to live on when you consider rent/mortgage payments + services + food. When you look at it like that you can understand why people stay on benefits when it gives them a better lifestyle.

    Although its got to be done as there are far too many people claiming benefits I am not sure if this is the correct time to be doing so. A lot of the people affected will already be the poorest and a lot of those will have children. Sure 5 years ago when everything was booming it wouldn't have been a problem but at the moment we have 2.5 million unemployed and about 400,000 jobs available, there are going to be a lot of families and children who really suffer and all because the won't works make it harder for the genuine cases of can't work or can't find work.
  11. Illegal ones too. I am not saying all the debt is down to immigrants, but they have a percentage. Helping other country's sort out their problems with warefare money does not help either.

    indeed. They should implement this very slowly to ween people off, that way it won't bugger everyone up.
  12. A tiny, tiny percentage. So much so it would have a pathetic impact on our national debt. And you were saying that if only 'real' British citizens could access benefits we might not have any debt. That's saying they contribute more than a percentage and is pretty sensationalist and as far removed from the truth as possible.

    What do you mean by 'Helping other country's sort out their problems with warefare money does not help either.'? What welfare money is this? What problems?
  13. What do you mean, 'ween people off'. Personally, it's the one policy I agree with from the current government. I'd make anyone who's been on benefits for a year or more do social work cleaning hospitals and picking shit up in the street. Seriously, I have no problems with people who lose jobs and find it tough to get back into work because they are too old or not trained to do something else but I expect people to try and fucking contribute to society if society is keeping them.

    Sounds harsh but I think those who've never worked and have no intention of working should be sterilised so they dont spawn more mouth breathers who will just add to the problem i'm 18 years when they follow in the family business of getting knocked up to be put into a nice house and sit at.home all day watching Jeremy Kyle and Judge Judy.
  14. OMG! You get Judge Judy over there?
  15. Er..yeah...we even have running water and toilets.
  16. Helping immigrants is not helping other countries. They are UK nationals. It's ridiculous to provide 100 years of lineage to become a "real" British citizen.

    Is your welfare system really that great where it pays better than minimum wage?

    FoxNews viewers always bitch about welfare draining money, but being on welfare would fucking suck in America. For a single individual, you'd be lucky to pull in $600 a month. There are always the tiny percentage that find loopholes and exploit it, but that is not a typical scenario as the fear mongers would have you believe.
  17. There has been a culture of getting something for nothing for a long time, an example story.

    There are other bits at the bottom of the article.

    They are changing the law so you can no longer claim more than £400/week housing benefit so this lot will be in trouble.

    *Note that I did not pick this story because it was about immegrants, it was just the first one I found.

    Chi actually lives in a £1250/month luxury 16th floor flat in Birmingham which is completely paid for by the benefits system, he is such a scumbag.

  18. Stories like that make me feel like such a fucking failure. That guy is a goddamn hero.
  19. It's not an easy life you know. The amount of nappies I have to buy to keep up the illusion of my 6.5 children is ridiculous. I mean, what am I supposed to do with them all?

    I've resorted to creating a winter wonderland in the East wing.
  20. Bear in mind that story is from The Daily Mail, probably the most horrible right wing rag we have over here. Whilst there might be some truth to it, I wouldn't be surprised if it's been rather distorted.