Dawn of War thread

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  1. I just felt like starting this tread on the greatest RTS series in existence.

    This tread will contain, but not be limited to:

    • General and race specific tactics for factions in Dawn of War 1 or 2 and any of their expansions.[/*]
    • Discussion about Campaign elements and walk throughs. As a consequence this thread will be wrought with spoilers so read at your own risk.[/*]
    • General talk about which faction is your favourite, why Space Marines are so badarse, etc. etc.[/*]

    Sorry about the edit, I was trying to work out how the list function worked.
  2. Greatest RTS series should be Commmand & Conquer / Red Alert...
  3. I'm installing II again. Last time I tried to play it I had failing memory.
  4. Nah, they are good RTS's. I'm a huge C&C fan I have every single C&C game to date, bar C&C4, and even I can admit they pale in comparison to the DoW series.
  5. What makes Dawn of War so much better?
  6. Numerous things. For example:

    • The badarsery factor is 100 fold greater in DoW over C&C.[/*]
    • The games resource and victory mechanics definitely force more strategic thought and offer new tactical avenues for harrassing your opponent.[/*]
    • Generally all units have one or more upgragdes/special abilities, this helps to increase the amount of tactical options you have at your disposal and make gameplay more interesting.[/*]
    • The cover mechanic and squad based gameplay really helps to separate commanders who can utilise their environments well from those who cannot and once again helps to deepen the gameplay.[/*]

    If there is anything that C&C does better than DoW games, it's usually cutscenes.
  7. Well. This is a rather sad occasion. I've played this game so much that I am now 20th in the world for 2v2's.... oh well, time to put that effort into uni work. Lets see how far I can go!
  8. I guess that makes you a bit of a celebrity around these parts.
  9. Lol. I wouldn't say so; most have moved off to retribution and as such a lot of the stiff competition too.
  10. Update on my progress; I'm now 9th.... I am one sad child. I have my final exams in 2 weeks so I should really be doing some study...