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    I've been playing the Destiny 2 beta recently. It looks pretty good on the Pro. Looks like they went with ~1800p checkerboard with adaptive horizontal resolution. There are some rough edges (literally) with low resolution buffers for certain effects, but there are also very nice volumetric lighting and even a bokeh effect when aiming, something I have only associated with PC games. Frame rate is only 30 fps, but it's a rock solid 30.

    The weapon system has been shaken up with mods and static rolls instead of RNG rolls. You can't change mods in the beta, but that's how it will work in the final release. Weapon balance is definitely better than D1. I had a 13-0 game in the Competitive PvP mode with an auto rifle. Shotguns and fusion rifles are "heavy/ power" weapons and are un-neutered.

    Hunters need a bit of tweaking and buffing, but the other subclasses feel strong. The Defender replacement Sentinel subclass is surprisingly versatile and strong. Voidwalker also feels very powerful.

    PvP is more balanced and competitive, but ability cooldowns are too slow. I think a fireteam will be necessary to win consistently. Lag is present but vastly less severe compared to D1.

    Nothing blew my mind, but I think it's an improvement over D1.

    EDIT: The social space opened briefly, and the graphics looked substantially better than anything I've seen in D2 other than of course PC footage. I hope the final release looks that good. The Farm looked like much more advanced code.


  2. I'm still salty about PVP not having 6 v 6 anymore. They could have added it along with the new 4 v 4 but ho hum. It does indeed look much better than the first from those screens but nothing major. I only play hunter so hopefully they do buff it.

    FF14 is my MMO of choice at the moment so I dont know if I will be getting this day one or waiting for a while like I did with D1.
  3. The higher resolution setting looks substantially better than Destiny 1, at least the social area.
  4. The PC Beta is free for the next two days on Blizzard's app.

    I played a little of it tonight. Gameplay feels great. Visuals are good, with only a few hiccups I was able to notice. Seems like they are actually attempting some sort of story this time, which would be a plus. This wasn't on my radar because the first game fizzled out so quickly, but its nice to play it with a mouse, so I'm actually considering making the purchase. I'll wait to see if the final game has enough content to warrant the price tag.
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    It's very similar to the PS4 beta with the exception of better visuals and performance and some minor tweaks here and there. Complaints about the console beta's slow cooldown recharges and scarce heavy ammo drops seem to have been addressed. The content is almost identical otherwise. I still need to try PvP in this one. My PC is ancient technically, yet I can miraculously still pull off 4K with drops. Strangely, I just have some low resolutions, 1080p, and 2160p as options. Nothing between 1080p and 2160p, so I have to drop several other settings to accommodate this.

    I've moved rebuilding way back because AMD actually showed some life in the past year. I'm hoping they create as much legitimate competition as possible.
  6. Isn't this out this month (Sept)?
  7. yea Sept 6 for consoles. it just got brought back up again since the PC open beta just started yesterday and doesn't launch until Oct 24.
  8. Won't have time for day one with my gaming back log so I'll just wait for a big multi pack of it again like I did with the Taken King one.

  9. Games out people been playing it already. People saying its Destiny without the bullshit and its possitive so fsr. You there yet AKS?

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    I don't have my copy yet. It's due here anytime. My experiences with the PS4 and PC betas suggested mostly improvements. Complaints were mostly about easily fixable things like cooldown times or things that were just different, not necessarily worse. Most things that have been altered or revamped have been for the better.

    I've very happy to see auto rifles, shotguns, and fusion rifle are all back in a usable, potent state. I'm partial to the Void character subclasses, and all three look awesome. Balance looks perhaps the best it's ever been. The Poledancer (Arcstrider) and sidearms have needed tweaks, but the rest was very good.
  11. Be nice to hear an in depth user review from you once you have played it for a while. The raid Is coming next week as well so most people will probably rush to get ready for that.

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    I have pretty positive early impressions. Bungie seems to have customized each version to look its best on each platform. The game looks looks excellent on Pro in the adaptive 1800p checkerboard settings. Particle effects are substantially improved not only over D1 but most recent console games I've played. Audio and music are also quite good, a significant upgrade over D1's surprisingly mediocre spatial audio. The user interface has improved dramatically, cutting down excessive load times going in and out of orbit. The campaign isn't quite as lengthy as expected, but the major expansion of content is utilization of new environments, which are enormous and beautiful. There are actually reasons to do patrols and public events, although I'm concerned they'll soon become too easy. Use of color is exceptional artistically, and HDR will eventually be added via update. Weapons expectedly feel great. Vendors are replaced with a reputation system similar to factions in D1. Bounties are replaced by mostly daily and weekly challenges. New events are still pending, so it's too early to form definitive conclusions about much of the endgame and new, incoming content. It is easily superior to D1.
  13. I've played for 2 nights so far.

    You can definitely feel the bungie-ness of it. It has literally been like 14 years since I've last played a Bungie game (Halo 2), but I definitely know the feel. It's very floaty in the jumps, even without the boost. I barely ever have to aim down sight. The recoil is almost non-existent.

    It's definitely fun though. My only complaint is that I wish they implemented a more serious support class.