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    If you guys have been following the news for the sequel, then you'd know that Destiny 2 PC was confirmed for PC. For whatever reason they decided to not release the original for PC, they're fixing their failures now.

    It looks like the game might be getting royal treatment as Blizzard has taken up the responsibility to manage the social features of the game.

    If you guys haven't played blizzard games before or in a long time, they have their own infrastructure and ecosystem under the name and in 2009, they created their own launcher now called Blizzard App. Over the years, it has become quite robust and is basically a mini-steam. You can instant message, create channels for voice chat, live stream to facebook, and shop for games.

    I forget that Activision and Blizzard merged every once in a while, so this news totally threw me off-guard when I heard it.

  2. It's basically Destiny 1.5 from what I saw. I will still probably get it as I did enjoy the first although I got burned out from it.
    One raid and no new classes Is a joke though.

  3. At least they put it on a digital distribution platform people actually use. Steam and are great. Origin and Uplay need to go die in a fire.
  4. Wasn't Destiny the game that was really good and really boring at the same time?
  5. Yeah that's the one. I was 2 expansions late to the game and I still got burnt out after two months of playing.
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    Word of mouth was that Destiny 1 sucked ass but people played it anyway due to the lack of MMOs on consoles.
  7. Nah its good but it's just repetitive at end game and there is little to do other than a weekly raid, grinding gear, factions, quests, or playing the multiplayer side of it the Crucible.

    More end game content and more things to do would help the second game a lot. I know it's getting extra things to do and hunt for in the world's so starts a start I guess but crucible is getting 6 v 6 reduced to 4 v 4 and there's only one raid like I said so It doesn't look good. It basically feels like an expansion rather than a new sequel.

    And if anyone wanted a console MMO they should play FF14 that's amazing even more so than Wow imo.

  8. I followed the complaints of Destiny and at the beginning, it really failed the players on keeping a purpose. There was pretty much no storyline you were following so that really lost any immersion in the game. Bungie fixed alot of things later on in the game so I think it brought a decent amount of the playerbase back during The Taken King expansion.

    The key to games like these are playing with friends. I see alot of people that complain about them, but you have to remember that they were designed as an mmo style. Destiny even moreso, as you have raids so you should be playing with friends who strive for coordination and have a sense of responsibility if they fail their task (guild style). You fall behind in your gearscore, your friend helps you out, or vice versa. You pvp, you and your friends will help each other out rather than running around rambo-style. Everyone helps each other out for progression. You don't get any of this stuff if you fly solo and use matchmaking.

    All of those dailies, weeklies, and grinding will have a purpose and you may enjoy it if you play with friends.

    But then, in the end, it'll be up to Bungie to offer constant content if they want to keep the game going. These free mmo-style games kinda scare me on that level because even blizzard has a hard time keeping up as a subscription based game.
  9. I actually was a solo Destiny player and only played with a few other forum Guys in the Crucible, I managed to keep up with gear from quests, special quests, grinding and the raids. The only way to do raids was with friends or via a looking for players website which they have changed for the sequel with their new clans feature.

    Wow was much better for me as I played with 5 RL friends but I never got that in Destiny. I agree about the story progression It was pretty nonexistent until the Taken king parts.