Destiny, new Bungie IP, finally unveiled, sort of

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  1. Isn't Mass Effect made by EA or DICE or Bioware or something? why would that be compaired with Halo? Their also both Action/ Adventures but their different types ME is way more RPG whereas Halo is FPS It's like the whole Borderlands/ Fallout 3 thing again.

    That would be FINE though, if they made a Mass Effect type (RPG) game or Warhammer type (RTS) action game it'd be fine keep to the action adventure genre... but make it different from Halo but no it's the exact same thing as halo with even the same underlying story involving some architect and interstellar powers dawned to save the human race!! Bet Marathon was pretty similar too... only Marathon wasn't also continuing in the mean time it's just kinda redundant. Kinda' like Killzone saying their 'Sony's Halo' just dumb imo no thank you I've played the original give me something new or unexpected!

    I get it it's what they do, and darn it it works! But seriously... at least change the story a bit...


    the way you describe it to Cmdr makes it sound much better than the vidoc... that was a terrible vidoc but maybe it wasn't meant as a trailor.... I'll wait and see... but not bittin the bit here or anything.
  2. Because the gameplay style is more similar to Mass Effect. Halo is an on the rails shooter. You can't wander around and do your own thing. You literally can't interact with any npc. The only thing similar with Halo and Destiny is that its made by Bungie and is a sci-fi fps. And I wasn't comparing Halo to Mass Effect. I was comparing Destiny to Mass Effect. Mass Effect isn't exactly sandbox but, you can wander away from the main quest from the game and do side quests and travel to other planets to do them. Destiny also has character progression like Mass Effect. I think that's what you may have missed from the Polygon article I linked to. There IS character progression in Destiny.

    As you can see, bungie is trying to give this game a long life. Basically as close to an mmo without being an mmo. Sure, the very base of the plot sounds something like Halo, but really, you can't say Halo's base plot is all that complex. One man guy saving the last of humanity from extinction..

    The purpose of that vidoc is to give you some extra game art and a plot narration. it doesn't tell you anything about the gameplay. read the article from the first post.
  3. Am I the only person in the world who has never touched Halo?
  4. I played a couple of hours of the first one, got bored andturned it off.
  5. I'm not a huge Halo fan but the series has plenty of fantastic games in them, especially the first. Not sure how well it's dated but it was such a defining game that you really missed out if you didn't play it back in the day.

    The thing that concerns me with this is how much the multiplayer is implemented. I disliked Halo online and I've heard some talk of competitive cooperative gameplay which I'm not a fan of. If we get something akin to Borderlands with better gun play which avoids the bullet sponginess of Halo then I'm going to be sorely tempted.
  6. I remember when Halo came out and I couldn't have cared less. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that it was just a sorry attempt by consoles to match the greatness that already existed in PC games. After all, 2000 and 2001 were great years in PC gaming history. By the time Halo became available for me to play on the PC it was in competition with BF1942 and that meant it was game over for Halo.
  7. This is something that drove me mad with Halo multiplayer. With the exception of the sniper rifle and grenades, the weapons didn't feel very potent. I'd empty a magazine into someone and have to reload. I'm sure if you have the timing for shooting to weaken followed by melee you'd do fine in this game, but I never could get into it. I enjoyed shooters most back in the twitch Unreal Tournament and Quake days. Halo seemed sooooo slow to me, and I feel like if you shoot something in the head multiple times, it should die rather than walk behind a barrier and be back up to 100% shields again seconds later.

    I did enjoy Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: Reach. Halo 3 must have been the most overrated FPS in recent years. I don't understand why that one was so popular. Seemed average to me.

    I haven't played Halo 4, but it seems to be very well liked.

    Back to Destiny, it actually sounds far more appealing than any Halo game to me, especially if it moves closer to Borderlands and Mass Effect than the Halo games. I will probably buy it if it somewhat resembles Borderlands and Mass Effect in terms of gameplay and does not have a subscription fee.
  8. Looks interesting but there's no plan to release this on PC? meh.
  9. So gameplay was revealed at E3 and still no plans for PC version.

    It pretty much came out like the Polygon article mentioned. But still super ambiguous as to when these public events take place.
  10. This is a game that makes me reconsider not buying any launch hardware.
  11. Where's a not sure if serious jpeg when I need it?
  12. Read alterego's earlier posts in the thread. he has interest.
  13. You could be on to something. I guess I'm just not feeling it at all; think I'm quite fatigued with shooters.
  14. I'd be interested in it if it let me shoot monsly on the face
  15. Obviously there are quite a few familiar and tried/true elements to Destiny, but I think the overall concept is interesting and it's certainly shaping up to be a visually sharp game. I also didn't play as many sci-fi shooters as some on PVCF during the current gen. Skipped Mass Effect entirely.
  16. For me, I ignore themes as it doesn't really effect the joy I get of a game. If it's a solid game.. and in this case, a solid coop game, then I'm all in. This game, on the surface is very similar to Borderlands (which I love), but on a much grander scale. I think Gearbox is going to have a serious competitor here.
  17. This game is going to depend heavily on interwebz. We need you to host PVC games.
  18. It's more of a threat when I offer to host things.