Detroit: Become Human

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    Detroit was released a few days ago, and I've been thoroughly impressed. It feels like Quantic Dream has finally moved past the experimental game phase and has developed a genuine hit. Your decisions seem to actually have a significant impact on the story rather than giving an illusion mattering before eventually always looping around to the same conclusion as in other previous "interactive movie" type of games. QD was successful in creating good characters with generally interesting stories. Many social justice commandos hate it for not following their insane ideology...

    ...which I consider to be a resounding success. In addition to getting most of the storytelling right this time around, Detroit also happens to be among the most visually stunning games I've seen so far. By the way, these are all my captures. I also have control of the character in all of these; gameplay really looks like this.



    Of course the playable area and interactivity is rather limited, but at times this game could be mistaken for a movie or television show at a glance. You just don't see this type of detail even attempted in console games. I unfortunately don't have a way to demonstrate how it looks with HDR, but it's a significant improvement beyond what I'm able to show you here.

    It apparently debuted at #1 in the UK, so it seems to be well received by consumers so far. It's going to be polarizing because it's definitely not a traditional game, and it has its quirks and faults, but regardless it seems clear to me that this is clearly a significant advancement in this genre.