Deus Ex Human Revolution

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  1. Even though Invisible War was a disappointing game, I'm still excited for this. The original Deus Ex is one of my all time favorite games. I loved the open ended gameplay, twists in the story, diverse settings, and the extent to which you could customize your character. It was a pretty solid FPS too. Looks like this will be coming out in late August.

  2. My prediction:

  3. Why? The video looks awesome. It ends with him punching through a wall and breaking someone's neck. What's not to like? And the impressions from the demo the press got to play have been very positive and have said it's more like the first game. I really hope that mind control augment that makes the dude shoot himself is in the game. That looks awesome.
  4. Wall punching is just pandering to the ADD masses. Days Ex should be above that.
  5. Meh, with mind control you should be able to make dudes break their own necks. No x-ray vision or wall punching required.
  6. It seems far too much like a gamecube title is all, what with all the punching, they've just thrown in some new stuff like the mind control to spice things up a bit... so you can make the enemies punch themselves.
  7. Reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 4. Conspiracies, corporations having more power than governments, "proxy soldiers" and his arms look like the dwarf gekkos. Five minutes of FMV won't sell a game to me. I await gameplay footage, unless it's a PC exclusive, then I'll just ignore this one.
  8. It's comming out on PS3 too, so you should be fine in that regard. The game may be good, but I've had bad experiences with Dues Ex games before so I'm keeping my wits about me this time.
  9. I remember playing the first one briefly back in the day and thinking it was pretty decent.
  10. Ahh, that's what everyone thinks, then they play 2 and think "What the fuck was that?" and I have my doubts for this reboot of sorts.
  11. The first Deus Ex was amazing. If this one draws comparisons when the reviews come out, I'll definitely buy it.
  12. It's looked decent from what I've seen. I've watched some gameplay footage. The first was excellent. I don't think I ever got around to playing through the second game. The third game is looking promising to me.
  13. That stuff was all in the original Deus Ex long before MGS4, including the proxy soldiers. Remember how UNATCO wasn't even real and was just a front for Majestic 12? The trailer is stylized thanks to Square Enix, but there's nothing there you wouldn't expect to see in a Deus Ex game.
  14. Gamespot gave it an 8.5. That's decent but not mind blowing. I think I'll hold off and pick it up cheap during the Steam holiday sale in a few months.
  15. I'm glad I didn't jump on the pre-orders.
  16. Agreed. An 8.5 from them is actually a rather mediocre score.
  17. I've been having a good time with Human Revolution. There are a few issues, including a rather bizarre collection of graphical inconsistencies, but overall I have no difficulty seeing similarities between the original Deux Ex and Human Revolution. I think I'm going to be playing this for quite awhile. Seems immersive and allows you to do plenty of exploring.
  18. Exploration was one of the big things I missed from the original when I played Invisible War. The levels in IW were tiny.
  19. I've been very satisfied with this game so far. The visuals have grown on me, and progressively developing my character into a fighting machine has been a lot of fun. Level design is terrific. I'd recommend this to fans of the original.
  20. I just started playing, but I haven't formed a strong impression yet. The graphics are weirdly inconsistent. Sometimes they look amazing, especially with DX11 and tessellation enabled, and sometimes they look quite dated. Some of the character models look really bad. Some of the voice acting, especially for the Sarif CEO dude, is laughably bad. But the original Deus Ex had laughably crappy voice acting too, so I can forgive that.