Diablo III

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  1. Still having issues logging in. Apparently Blizzard learned nothing from their other launches.
  2. I was finally able to login last night and started playing a Witch Doctor. Seems like an overpowered class to be honest. I was breezing through the game. Between the ranged attacks and the creatures you can summon, enemies never really get anywhere near you.
  3. Probably just early game, the starting areas in WoW were impossible to die on unless you were a complete idiot.
  4. True. Had fun with what I played. I can't imagine anyone who liked the earlier Diablo games not liking this. It's the same style of gameplay, just updated a bit for modern times.
  5. I was reading that the first part of the game, which was in the Beta demo, was rather easy. It should get harder.
  6. I don't remember Diablo I or II being particularly frustrating when it came to difficulty.
  7. It gets harder. The Skeleton King was actually a little bit tough. And now that I've played beyond the demo sections, it's getting more challenging.

    I'm enjoying the game. My only real complaint is that I don't feel like single player should require an internet connection.

    The game is pretty light in the graphics department. I can't imagine any relatively modern computer having any trouble running this. Even integrated video should run it fine.

    It's strange that the press wasn't given early access to the game. I haven't seen any major reviews yet. Although as I recall, StarCraft 2 was the same way.
  8. I heard it wasn't very good. It's up to you to convince me otherwise.
  9. People are mostly bitching about the connection problems at launch and that it requires an always on internet connection. But if you don't have broadband in 2012 I think you have bigger problems than playing Diablo 3.
  10. I just lost 3 friends to this game. I guess this is how my other friends felt when I was wow'ing it up.
  11. I had an internet outage the other day, wouldn't have been able to play then!
  12. @Khaid

    It has almost 7 million people playing and is the fastest selling PC game of all time, having sold 3.5 million copies in just 24 hours. It's funny how people thought Star Wars The Old Republic was going to be some huge online RPG and it just fizzled. You really can't beat Blizzard I guess.

    Professional reviews are finally out and they are positive. It got a 9.5 from IGN, 8.5 from Gamespot, 5/5 from Giantbomb. The only thing they complained about was that it requires an internet connection.
  13. I have a feeling this is why rockstar and ubi pushed back max payne 3 and ghost recon future soldier pc versions into june.
  14. True. It would be silly to even try to compete with Blizzard. They give some of the biggest console titles a run for their money in terms of sales.
  15. Is the Internet thing their way of saying hey stop pirating blizzard stuff?
  16. Pretty much. It's also to prevent cheating in multiplayer.

    Starcraft 2 was exactly the same way, so I'm not sure why people are suddenly having a meltdown over it.
  17. I'll be playing by next Saturday.
  18. Downloaded this yesterday and played a short bit this AM. There's a weird glitch with OS X that requires you to turn off the keyboard shortcuts in system preferences or the sound doesn't work through headphones. Really odd! Anyway, this seems just like the classic Diablo I remember. Simple and addictive. I tried the Demon Hunter up to the first teleport area, and may try the Wizard as well.
  19. We'll have to play coop at some point, or maybe do pvp when they get that up.

    My name in the game is cmdrmonkey and I'm a level 20 witch doctor.
  20. Have the game loaded but I can't log in. The login button can not be selected. Weee fun.

    ...got it figured out. Time to make a toon.