Diablo III

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  1. I'll be home tomorrow night. Maybe I can play with you guys then.
  2. I played up to level 8. My first impression is that $60 was probably too much for this game. It's not a bad game game but it feels like it's worth $35.
  3. I've never felt like any game ever felt like a $60 game. I don't know how these console kids do it.
  4. Personally, I think it's easily worth $60 if you're a fan of the genre. Just as addicting as the previous two, but with a higher chaos factor due to more enemies and more sophisticated visuals. I was a bit skeptical that the classic formula would still hold together in 2012, but it does.
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    I don't think any game is worth $60, but it's Blizzard whose games are so popular they can pretty much charge whatever they want and people will pay it.

    Also, this game is a slow starter. Don't judge it by Act 1. It gets much more chaotic later in the game.

    One change I like is that skill points can be moved around. It encourages experimentation and you don't end up frustrated by getting stuck with skills you don't like.
  6. Torchlight goes for $4 - $15 and is supposed to be very similar. I haven't played it so I don't know for sure.

    I should probably RTFM but my wizard seems to be doing great with swords. Is there any reason to stick to wands?
  7. Nobody cares about Torchlight. Torchlight is for fags.
  8. The original torchlight was received pretty well but was only a single player game so I wouldn't even mention it in a Diablo comparison.

    It got popular enough though that the devs made torchlight 2 with multiplayer which is in beta or just completed the beta period and was also received really well. I may try it out as a poor man's Diablo. As a matter of fact, I think the torchlight dev team are ex Diablo devs.
  9. Yeah but it's not the fastest selling PC game of all time. Diablo 3 is turning into a phenomenon similar to WoW.

    Torchlight is to Diablo 3 as Guild Wars is to WoW. It's a poor man's cheap imitation.
  10. I'm on at lvl 11 now. I'm not sure how coop works with mixed levels but my tag + code is bfun#1486. I tried to friend you cmdrmonkey but it said I needed the tag + code.
  11. cmdrmonkey#1158

    I'll update the OP so it has peoples' player names. I don't know if alterego want's to give us his.
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    I might be interested in some coop after finishing the SP campaign.
  13. Sounds good. I'd like to finish the campaign as well before getting into coop.
  14. The difficulty took a big jump at about level 12. I never died once but after 12 I started to die a lot. I finished the last few levels of act 1 in coop. Maybe it was because I was two levels higher than the other two guys but the coop was way easy. I also noticed the loot got better in coop.
  15. I thought the point in games was to play something you aren't in real life...
  16. The new patch kicks EU players out.. because blizzard sent those who downloaded the digi only version to US launchers.. cheers twats!

    Bah full night f**ed
  17. Well I can't even log in so there.
  18. Yeah I can't log in either. Blizzard needs to get the servers straightened out. I guess they didn't anticipate the kind of crazy demand there is for this game.
  19. That was clockwork in wow. Patch day (same as maintenance tuesday), expect login issues. This was even normal 5 years after the game had launched.

    Never change, blizzard!
  20. So what are your thoughts on the auction house? Once I figured out that I needed Intelligence and Vitality my character got major buffed with stuff I bought in the auctions.