Diablo III

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  1. servers down again.. all I want to do is play the single player.

    cheeky robbing tw@s
  2. I really haven't had time to play. Hopefully the servers are working tonight when I'm home.
  3. I got to act 4 and hit level 30.

    I’m not sure how much more I will play. I get all my best equipment from the auction house so I don’t need to collect any loot. It’s just one big dungeon grind.
  4. Still in Act II, but have hit level 25. Defeating Zoltun Kulle for the black soul stone didn't turn out to be much of a boss fight, which was a bit surprising.
  5. The final boss in Act III is the first boss that actually gave me trouble.

    I found out that playing online was more fun than the single player. You might miss some of the story as everyone rushes though but at least you get to see some pretty cool fighting from other classes.
  6. I think the toughest boss fight in SP so far was the Butcher in Act I, where you're caged in and fire is shooting through the floor in alternate areas. I didn't die in that one, but it seemed more strategic and satisfying. A lot of the boss fights require little more than running in circles. I've found the toughest fights to be in exploring some of the initial open areas, where running away can lead you into even more trouble. That's usually where I end up dying a few times.
  7. Completed this today on normal, I must say some of the latter stages in heaven were pretty taxing on my card.. with hundreds of spawning enemies from all direction. I am going to continue to level my witch doctor above level 31. I love the class its so great.

    Might roll a Monk next. I have so many items legendary sets, dunno what to do..

    Is nightmare any fun?
  8. Just going through this now on PS4. I've enjoyed it although it's rather easy on the hardest difficulty I can currently choose.
  9. Lol. 3+ years is how long it took us to even think about playing this.

    I had a look at the difficulty options. It has about ten unlockable ones above expert. Lol, those PC folk.
  10. Diablo Immortal has one of the lowest Metacritic user reviews of all time at .5%. It's been estimated that a person could spend $51,000 on microtransaction to fully upgrade their character. And yet, it's been download 64k times in the Apple store.