Digital Premier of Forgotten Realms games at GOG

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Aug 21, 2015.

  1. Here's looking at you monsly. These are all the Forgotten Realms titles ported for Windows 10 so you can put the new laptop to use. Some or maybe all are on sale for the weekend.

  2. this is probably the best monsly can play on his new laptop
  3. Ohh and for $1 you can get a few Might and Magics games as well. I had Might and Magic VI and remember it being okay but I really hated how they used the dumbest real faces for the characters. I guess putting real actors in games was a big deal that year. They had to fill those CDs up with something.

  4. That bottom left character looks exactly like me. Awesome.

    How does GOG work? Are the games downloaded to your machine without any restrictive DRM?
  5. It's definitely got monsly's paedostache.
  6. DRM free. You buy it you own it. Prices are in coin of the realm. Not sure about the Humble Bundle though.
  7. Humble bundle allows you to download a drm free version as well as a steam key.