Dishonored 2

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  1. There's a good chance I'll be getting this one when it comes out in Spring. The game takes place 15 years after the last one. Looks like you can play as Corvo or Emily who is that little girl from the first game.

  2. I was lukewarm on Dishonored when I first started playing it. But then at some point everything clicked and the game sucked me in like a high priced hooker. It became one of my favorite stealth FPS/RPG hybrids up there with Deus Ex. The blink ability and steampunk setting made it pretty unique. I even did a clean hands playthrough. I'll probably buy this at launch. Dishonored was one of the best games last gen.
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    I found a solution to the horrible AA options. The first picture has no AA and it looks pretty bad. The second picture has TXAA turned on which fixes the jaggies but smears vaseline over all the detail. The third picture is using SweetFX Realistic Lighting Overhaul and TXAA. It removes the jaggies and the vaseline. The game looks a lot better now. Performance is still all over the place but I can live with it.


    Here is the last picture uncropped.

  4. This game is a complete mess from a technical standpoint. It looks marginally better than the first game, but it runs like total crap. Vsync causes horrible mouse lag. But the framerate is so wildly inconsistent that with it off you will have horrible screen tearing. As you pointed out, AA has major issues. With certain settings it looks like vaseline was smeared on the screen. It tries to do some weird thing with adaptive resolutions that's probably designed with the Xbox One in mind. Even with it turned off, it still seems like it's lowering the resolution in places.
  5. I haven't noticed mouse lag but I know there was a patch last month that might have fixed it. The only issue I still notice is the frame rate bouncing between 30 and 60.