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  1. Now I have the flat sorted I will be painting it all soon. Not really done it by myself before so need some help. Is it best to sand down skirting boards first before I paint them? I had heard if you don't the paint can split in the future.

    My landlord actually got me the paint so that helps. he bought a huge tub of magnolia emulsion which he wanted the flat painted that way before me and my flatmate change the colours. I don't care myself at the moment as I just want it looking nice and this will do.

    I am quite a lazy person, so I hope I can finish this project in less than a week or two. Any other tips for painting walls, ceilings and skirting boards would be nice.
  2. Sand it down if it needs it. Wash the surfaces with some sugar soap before painting and fill in any cracks that need it. Use masking tape to protect any edges you don't want paint to get on. Don't put too much paint on your brush. Watch out for spilled paint or drippages. And, most of all, have FUN.
  3. You'll definitely need to go over that with another colour, something loud enough for an anime schoolboy. Do some rooms coral or salmon pink and some rooms lavender.
  4. Pfft I wish. DIY bores me to hell. It has to be done though so no complaints...yet.
  5. You'll probably need to spackle and sand before you do anything. Depending on how much sanding you'll need to do, you may want to get a belt sander. Tape over the baseboards and where the walls meet the ceiling. Then lay down a primer coat to cover the previous paint. Usually if the walls are primed, two coats of paint is fine. You'll need a roller, pan, and detail brush to do the priming and painting. Unless the floors have carpeting, a razor blade can remove paint from hardwood and tile once it dries, so don't worry too much about spilling.

    Do the baseboards once the walls are painted. Tape around them, sand them down, and then paint them with something that will stand out, like ultra pure white.

    If the baseboards are in crappy shape you could always pull them off with a crowbar and cut new ones, but you'll need a miter saw, nail gun, and caulking gun. You could also do crown molding. Not sure what you have to work with for tools or far you want to go with this.

    Be thankful you don't have to do flooring. I just had to put in hardwood floors in part of my house and it was a pain in the ass. I also had to redo the sprinkler system, because literally nothing on it worked (busted zone changer, busted timer, pipes from the 1960s made of some material that predated PVC pipe), which was an even bigger fucking pain in the ass. I like some DIY projects, but they never end up going as smoothly or being as simple as you thought in the beginning.
  6. I've done laminate, tile, linoleum. They all suck. I've even replaced base boards and that sucks. Never touched a sprinkler system though. I'll pay someone to do that.
  7. I finally got started on painting my flat today. I was helping my friend gloss his work place for most of the day so did not start till late.

    I did a first coat of paint for my upstairs hallway and also the bathroom. Easy enough but stopped to watch a DVD with a friend after the hallway so only just finished in the last 30 minutes. My mate is coming around tomorrow early to give me a hand so hopefully the hallway, bathroom and front room with be painted fully. Then on to glossing the skirting boards, door frames and the doors. Fun times lay ahead.

    Once that is done mind I have to fill some holes in my room and also the kitchen before I start those. After that I have the daunting task of the downstairs hallway with has a very high ceiling so I will have to buy one of those extendable roller poles. Once that is all done I will just need to buy some white paint and do all the ceilings in the flat.
  8. What is the fuckity fucking point of RENTING if you are going to do your own fixes?

    Tell your fucking landlord to paint your apartment. Or buy a house.
  9. I agree with Supersonic. If you're renting, your landlord should either be handling this or giving you a huge discount on your rent.
  10. It's FLAT what's the problem?? :x
  11. Innit, it's not like one of your over sized apartments lol. Plus it gives me something to do and I am a month in arrears so it keeps them sweet as I pay it off monthly as I am a bit skint lately.
  12. It's a matter of principal!

    There is exactly one advantage to renting a place over owning a home. You don't have to deal with maintenance and repairs. You are supposed to call the landlord!
  13. What about property tax?
  14. Not when I am in arrears and I was nearly kicked out. This way it helps keep them sweeter for me to stay and also a feeling of accomplishment for myself as I have never painted and decorated my own place before.

    Just finished a whole day of painting, cleaning and crappy glossing. The flat is looking reeeeeal pretty now. Just need to give everything one more coat then start on my room, ceilings and the kitchen. Got a new bed coming tomorrow too which is nice.

    Ps: I hate glossing things!
  15. We have to pay that now per capita. Before, only property owners had to pay to the local school district.