Do you wear a watch?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by bfun, May 28, 2011.

  1. I do and some people think it's odd. I've always worn a watch.
  2. yes, and it has a white face too. matches the shoes BITCH BLING BLING.
  3. Yes, I do.
  4. In HS I would always wear a stopwatch around my neck.
  5. Did you have a moustache and hang around the girls' changing room?
  6. Allways used the phone to check the time so it functions as a watch aswel:p
  7. Who would possibly find someone wearing a watch odd? I wore one as a kid. Spent a few years without one but my dad gave me a watch for christmas a couple of years ago. It's pretty nice too.
  8. I've always worn a watch. I keep bouncing back and forth between analog and digital though. Right now I'm wearing a Fossil analog. The next on in my sights is a whit Nixon digital.
  9. The trends have flipped. If you wear a watch you are becoming a minority.

    I like analog time but digital dates. It damn hard to find a watch that does that.
  10. I just use my phone to give me the date if I need the date. I'm in the position though where I automatically know the date everyday; I append the date to a filename every single day so i've turned into a human calendar..
  11. so you end in 2012 too?
  12. I used to wear one but never found it comfortable. Now I just use my phone.
  13. 15+ years with a watch I got for my 18th birthday but two years ago I forgot to wear it once and had to check the time on my cell phone.

    Since then I haven't wear the watch again.
  14. I just bought a paper watch for £4. A nice little novelty which I'll enjoy scribbling my appointments on. Gahaha. I normally switch between an original model Nooka Zoot and another which is slightly more shiny with a glass face instead of the brushed steel. Nice and just slightly different without being inpractical.
  15. I never could get used to wearing a watch. I probably would have made myself get used to it in my adult life had it not been for mobile phones.

    Everyone around my age I know who has a watch just has it to show off.
  16. Yep, they're mainly just for fashion now. Bling! Bling!
  17. I wear a watch. Bought it at Wallmart when I was on my vacation in Hawaii (Big Island to be exact)
  18. Yes i wear a watch.I have ten watches in my collection digital and analogs gold and leather.
  19. Are you that bitch that's workin south and 22nd?? Get off my corner that's MY territory! <.<
  20. I always had assumed that a watch was a natural thing to wear until I read this thread when it was first posted. Since, I've tried purposefully NOT wearing my watch to see what it like. It was awful at first, but now that I'm used to it, its kind of nice to not be obsessing over time, something I didn't even realize I was doing.