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  1. I'm going to be buying my own cable modem. Is it worth paying more for DOCSIS 3.0?
  2. Who is your cable provider? Will your monthly cost go down if you get your own cable modem?
  3. Comcast and they charge me $7 a month for their modem. The cheapest DOCSIS 3.0 modem is $82 so it would pay for itself after 1 year.

    I called Comcast and they told me to get the 3.0 so that's what I'll get.
  4. I'm also on Comcast and this is what I bought. It was on sale for $80 back when I got it.
  5. That's what I'm looking at. There is also one by Zoom that has good reviews. Same price. Did it improve your connection any?
  6. My connection is much more stable. The modem Comcast gave me was a used, cheap POS. It kept losing sync, and it was so worn out that the power cable kept falling out.
  7. Roadrunner said that the price wouldn't change. I spit on my phone in disgust. Then a day later, I realized what i did. I spit on my phone.
  8. Hold on your cable provider charges you to rent the modem? No wonder your prices are so high! Part of the terms and conditions of our service is that you are not aloud to hook anything not provided by VM up to the network, the up side is that even if you have it for 10 years when it dies it will still be replaced for free.

    You will probably need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem if you want certain services, over here you need it for anything 30Mbit and above.
  9. I ordered the same modem monkey has. We're going to be modem buddies.
  10. If you live in america, your brain will explode. I also learned that mainly only in america do we get charged for incoming calls while most of the rest of the world do not.
  11. That wasn’t always true was it?
  12. That we have always paid for incoming calls? I've had a cell phone since 1998 and that was the case since then. I even had a small time carrier (Aerial Communications) in Orlando. Good god, I'm recalling regional plans now.. anyhow, they had an exclusive feature where the first minute of the incoming call was free (and they counted your calls by the second and didn't round up to the next minute).

    I don't know how it was around the world at that time.
  13. Whaaaaaaat? That's insane. That's like having reverse charges calls (collect calls) all the time! We get charged for incoming calls if we're abroad. If I was being charged for receiving calls I'd never answer the damn phone! That's madness.

  14. Since bfun already resolved his issue, I have no problem derailing this thread. :)

    We also get charged for incoming messages too. I believe some smaller regional carriers don't do this but the big 4 nationwide carriers in the US all do it.
  15. You Americans bend over and take it up the arse from your service providers dont you! If they wanted to charge me for someone else calling or messaging me I would go mad!

    I just posted a long message in the Chat Room re my brothers TV, BB and phone provider and the money he has now got them to take off his montly bill because of a cock up. Over here the threat of Ofcom or emailing the CEO or even just going elsewhere is enough to keep it so that they are the ones who bend over for you!
  16. You poor, poor, rich bastards!
  17. Yeah, the problem is that we have to. I'll even go as far as to say most of these service providers have some leverage through corruption of the government. Where there's $$$ and power involved, there is corruption. Add to the fact that most Americans don't even know how things work outside of the US, we just have to suck it up.
  18. Well we have expensive petrol so I guess it balances out lol.
  19. Yes, we have always paid for incoming and outgoing. Another holdover from the landline era is our billing starts upon the first RING out. Internationally the billing starts when the other end picks up. The same principle holds true for mobiles, you lose a full minute if you dial out and it rings once.