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  1. I only enjoyed the early Dooms - the 3rd game bored the arse off me. If this has the hectic gameplay of the early games then I'd be tempted. Could care less about the multiplayer, unless it has some good co-op stuff.
  2. I just got the game last night and so far, I'm loving it. Super fast, tons of enemies, and awesome weapons. Oh... and no story line to get in the way. It's awesome. I'm so glad that I picked this up instead of Uncharted 4. :)

  3. Your attempts to troll have gone so far that you've ended up trolling yourself.
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    IGN 7.1

    Sounds like a bargain bin or Steam sale game. I'll probably pick it up when it's under $20 during a Steam sale.
  6. It's a nonstop shooter like Serious Sam. Seems like a $20 game. Alien Isolation was way overpriced too and it dropped to $20 after a few months.
  7. I'm sure it's decent. I just don't think it's worth anything close to $60. IGN says the campaign is good, but the multiplayer is bad, which I already knew from the multiplayer beta. Should be a good Steam sale game, like Wolfenstein The New Order or Shadow Warrior.
  8. The DOOM campaign is getting rave reviews. The overall score is getting trashed because the multiplayer isn't COD enough. Just because it's an FPS, it's expected to have amazing multiplayer. But if you look at the best multiplayer shooters, they are designed around that. The single player is lackluster or non-existent (Counter-Strike!).

    Also, the shitty looking multiplayer on Uncharted 4 gets a pass. People see it as a 'bonus' to a cinematic single player game.

    Even though this started as a troll, I'd pick Doom > Uncharted 4 too.
  9. Naughty Dog games are so movie-like, with so little interactivity, I feel like you can watch a let's play on Youtube and have nearly the same experience as playing them. All troll talk aside, I'd probably also pick Doom over Uncharted 4, because there's an actual interactive game with Doom instead of something that's basically a slightly interactive movie. Also, both are extremely overpriced for what they are at $60.
  10. The Uncharted multiplayer has had quite a buzz about it. Never get the interactive movie criticism really; yeah, there's elements of that but Uncharted also offers fantastic and fluid combat encounters which can be approached in a number of ways. It's a lazy criticism of the series IMO; it's one of the best 3rd person cover shooters around.

    Still, this Doom does have me tempted as it seems more of a throwback to the early games than the Doom3 shit show.
  11. Doom does seem to have recovered some of the fun aspects from the original series. I wouldn't pick it over Uncharted 4, but I'm going to hold off on 4 until I've played some of the remastered 1-3.
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    Well, I didn't really need Uncharted 4 (iGN 9.0) because I've got Rise of the Tomb Raider (IGN 9.3). But Doom is a totally different type of game: a senseless gory FPS with insane weapons. It's a must have in my book.

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    This game is pretty fun. It reminds me of Doom 1 and 2 rather than Doom 3. It's fast paced, you get swarmed with hordes of enemies, and it doesn't have that constant, annoying monster in a box/closet thing that got so tiresome in Doom 3. You could walk right past the story, since this game is mainly about shooting, but there are subtle hints that this is actually a sequel to Doom 1 and 2 rather than a reboot.

    I'd say it's a solid 8/10. Definitely worth a buy at some point if you like the classic Doom games.
  14. DOOM

    This is the most fun I've had with a single player FPS in years. It recaptures the magic of Doom 1 and 2, but it feels new at the same time.

    So far I'd give it a 9/10
  15. Worth getting for $30?
  16. Did you enjoy Doom 1 and 2? Do you like single player FPSs? Did you feel like Doom 3 was a misstep for the series and you preferred the old games with their fast pace and hordes of enemies?

    If you answered yes to those questions, DOOM is a must buy. It's awesome. It's so much fun, I would have even been fine paying $60 for it.

    Gameplay is excellent if you like old school shooters, graphics are excellent, even the music is badass if you like heavy metal. This game is a perfect example of how you bring back an old franchise the correct way. It stays true to the old Doom games, but feels modern at the same time.

    They even did a great job of making the weapons feel really similar to their Doom 1 and 2 counterparts. I find myself using very similar tactics to what I did in Doom 1 and 2. Well I mean plus glory kills, secondary fire modes, upgrades, and double jumping. There's a bunch of modern stuff in this game too.

    This review is spot-on IMO:

    Even Yahtzee enjoyed it, and he hates everything

    Just buy it. It's really good.

    Also it's not a reboot like Doom 3, even though they've been marketing it that way. it's a direct sequel to Doom 1, 2, and 64.
  17. Does it have the hordes? I'm only early in and it's got the frantic pace and mixture of weapons right but the combat definitely feels more like skirmishes rather than big epic battles with a shit ton of enemies.
  18. How far are you in the game? The hordes come later. You don't really have the weapons to deal with them in the early parts of the game. It has that kind of thing from Doom 2 where there are so many enemies that if you stand still, you die. I'm finding that sometimes the best thing you can do when you have like three or four big demons and a bunch of smaller demons swarming you is to climb and get out of their way.

    Good horde weapons: rocket launcher, heatblast mod for plasma rifle, Gauss cannon with siege mode, chaingun with turret mode, BFG9000
  19. Doom

    I like it so far. It very basic like the original but it still has enough going on to be interesting.
  20. Apparently Nvidia cards have issues with textures in this game. I think it's been confirmed on the 970 and 1070. I didn't notice it at first but when I look directly at a wall it takes about 1 second for all the textures to be drawn in. Here are two shots I took about 1 second apart. It's not too noticeable while playing but for the most part I'm moving faster that the card can finish the textures. I began to notice it when I'd stop running then about 1 second later the walls would shift. The rx480 doesn't seem to have the same issue.

    It's most notable on the red container to the left.