Dragon Quest X

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    Now that Dragon Quest IX is over and done with, creator Yuji Horii has now come out with a tiny snippet of information reguarding the next in the series: Dragon Quest X.

    So glad it is coming back to home consoles. From what I played if IX on the DS it did not seem all that, and after how well Dragon Quest VIII did on the PS2, I am quite excited about this.
  2. VIII was something special indeed so something like that would be awesome. I've yet to play IX properly but a handheld vision just grabs me less. Not sure why.
  3. Well Dragon Quest IX followed the Dragon Quest VIII mold, but it was no where near as great or complete.
  4. Dragonquest X will be coming to the Wii and Wii-U and it is an MMO type game.

    More info, screens and a video are inside the link.
  5. hoping 'online' doesn't mean 'massively multiplayer online'
  6. A Japanese debut trailer


    Seeing as it is also a Wii U game I suspect they will want a simultaneous release to try to push some Wii U hardware and as a result we won't see it anytime soon.
  7. Never quite liked Dragon Quest's 3D Cel Shaded look when dealing with humans. I just think it looks off...
  8. Well the art style is that of Akira Toriyama's, of Dragon Ball fame, so it would look a bit odd if they were photorealistic.