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  1. No word if this is hitting the PS3 as well but I've just seen this:


    I know Crazy Taxi is on PSN and XBLA but I'm not sure about the rest, (Bass Fishing?), so it might be worth picking up. I read a long time ago that sega were going to make a big deal about porting their Dreamcast titles over; hopefully other publishers will do the same and we'll see things like Powerstone arriving on PSN and XBLA too.
  2. I actually posted this up in the stop gap forum, and the info then said it was only being released on the Xbox 360.

    Sonic Adventure is the only game worth playing in that collection. I just hope they release these games in the future:

    - Sonic Adventure 2
    - Jet Set Radio
    - Grandia 2
    - Skies of Arcadia
    - Metropolis Street racer
    - Phantasy Star Online(With Servers up)
    - Chu Chu Rocket
    - Shenmue
    - Shenmue II

    Did I miss any other quality Dreamcast titles out?
  3. I know sonic and y taxi are on the PSN. I would be interested in space channel 5 but bass fishing? Seriously?
  4. Bass Fishing was actually quite fun back in the day, but without the special rod it would be boring.
  5. My only thought on this matter is that they're going to be using Kinect, (and Move for PS3 if it's heading there), in place of the specialist controller they had on the Dreamcast. That said, the game was still playable if you didn't have the fishing rod controller. Seriously, a fishing rod controller...

    But yeah, I could totally see it working on move or kinect.
  6. Oooh! I did not know about Kinect. In that cause Bass fishing is going to be quite fun. For anyone who has or has played Kinect, you will agree with me.
  7. I don't see that. The controller was what made that game; miming reeling would be better than a pad but I don't see much fun to be had minus the controller.

    As for the rest of the games, only Space Channel would be a draw for me. Already got Crazy Taxi and that hasn't aged well and the lack of the original music really took away from the nostalgia vibe too. Just wasn't the same. SA did nothing for me back then so I don't care for it now.
  8. So being able to cast your line, reel it in, the movements to catch the fish and whatever else you can do in real time won't be fun?
  9. No, it won't be as fun without the specialised controller. The controller wasn't a barrier to immersion or the fun in the original so sans the controller it won't be anywhere near as good to me. I wouldn't enjoy it. I could've picked it up on the Wii for a few quid before; no point, it'll be lacking.
  10. I disagree, I think it will be fun and also a good way to have some exercise with it. That bowling game on the Kinect feels the same as playing for real, but at home, so fishing will be the same.
  11. I disagree. COMPLETELY. It'll have some novelty value but the actual game itself won't have dated well and motion controls won't be as good. It'll be a 10 minute diversion at best. I'm always right too. ALWAYS.
  12. Yes, I may have to agree. You deductive skills are always on target.

    Anyway, it may be fun, it may be not, but the whole collection itself is a joke. Only one real good Dreamcast game in the bundle, whereas any of the top Dreamcast games are no where to be seen.
  13. Slightly offtopic but Sega should stop pissing about with yakuza and make Shenmue 3!
  14. The script for Shenmue III was actually completed a long time back, but as we well know, they did not want to do a third one to finish off the series.
  15. No wonder Sega are going down the pan.
  16. Yu Suzuki has been non existent for a good couple of years now, but some news kept up a little while ago about him and his team creating a Shenmue game for Facebook. Non of the Shenmue cast would be in it, though.

    This gives me hope that one day part 3 will be made. I just think they are weary after the Shenmue's did not sell as well as they should have.
  17. There's always rumours about shenmue stuff. I don't think we are going to get anything though, given how fundamentally shit Sega are nowadays. They need to learn from Nintendo regarding maximising their heritage.