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  1. This will be a fun thread.

    Everyone dreams. Some people love them, some people don't. What do you think about your dreams? You do you have amazing dreams, bad dreams or just plain weird dreams? What do you think the reason for dreams are?

    Discuss, the possibility's are endless.
  2. My dreams get pretty weird. I'm in a state where I can control myself but I don't realize I'm dreaming. I'm usually trying to fix some unfixable problem and then the result is I get a bad night sleep.
  3. I haven't been able to remember my dreams since I was a mid-teen. I do wake up with feelings of panic and tension, so I must have nightmares. I seem to block all of them out and can't remember them at all. I used to have very vivid, creative dreams as a child and pre-teen. I can still remember some of them.
  4. Wow! Me too, I'd go so far as to say I don't have dreams. But occasionally I'll wake up with this feeling like I was falling, but not know why.

    I can't remember ever having a dream, that wasn't drug induced.
  5. Melatonin will give you some lucid dreams for the first few weeks. Give that a try.
  6. I read a theory that dreams were just little remnants of the previous day and, when you wake up, your mind rakes these jumbled snippets together and your waking mind gets confused by the results so quick little narratives are formed. I don't think there's much meaning to them really but how you interpret them is interesting.
  7. Yesterday I received the annual notice from the landlord regarding the price of renting the apartment for another year.

    I then had a rather involved dream last night where I came home to my apartment (not the actual one I live in of course...the dream version, which was more like a generic motel), and found someone else occupying it. The landlord claimed there had been a mix-up of some sort, but when I returned to the apartment the guy living there had stolen all of my furniture and belongings. There was a brief segment of the dream where I was focused on getting my furniture back, but then it turned into a search for a one-of-a-kind custom guitar that had been stolen (I don't own or play guitar) and I was in some sort of gigantic warehouse trekking around and talking to various people, including roadies for the band AC/DC who were complaining about conditions for workers in the U.S. There was no actual resolution to any of this before I woke up.

    Probably an anxiety based dream about having to potentially move.
  8. Last night I had a bizarre dream sequence that involved giant toads turning into living inflatable toys followed by a legal disagreement between Peter and Greg Brady of the Brady Bunch.
  9. I keep having weird dreams in which I come home and find that my neighbour has annexed my garden by extending his garden fence pretty much to my backdoor. I have no idea how I'm meant to interpret that but I do happen to think that my neighbour is a bit of a dick.
  10. Hah, the good thing of having no neighbours :D
  11. I played a lot of Bad Company 2 a few nights ago and fell asleep with some Vietnam movie on. I had a dream about being a Viet Cong killing GI's and blowing up their hueys as they tried to land with RPGs.
  12. Lol, thats a cool dream :p
    Your warned though, BC2 could bring you some nightmares. Ive had some... once it was about a group of Russians chasin' me with AN94 assault rifles, the sound of them in the distance :eek: Somehow the AN's sound scares the hell outta me, it has an distinctive and mean sound.

    But hey, ive clocked well over 1000 hours now, all accounts together.