Duke Nukem Forever Finally Released

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by supersonic, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. So this is actually coming out for real in May of this year. The graphics and gameplay do not look that great, but iconic DukeNukem moments might convince me to get it.

    Behold 12 years of not so greatness:

  2. I'll believe it when I see it.
  3. I'll pick this up as soon as it hits $20.
  4. The previews I've seen of it look like some half-assed Doom 3 mod in an Alpha state. I don't think it will take long to hit $20.
  5. Still waiting for the demo I was promised via an activation code from the steam version of Borderlands I purchased! Not that I didn't play Borderlands enough, I've done 4 play throughs of that game now, 2 on PS3 and 2 on PC, still yet to play the DLC though...

    Oh yeah, Duke Nukem Forever... I'm trying not to expect too much from it. From the videos of it in action I can pretty much tell what it will be like, so I'm expecting an 8/10 game. It could easily be better or worse than that though.
  6. Amen to that, probally the longest game in development ever. Hopefully the real successor to Duke Nukem 3D.
  7. So did anyone notice that this game was released today? Reviews aren't good.
  8. The TV commercials for it look like total shit. The Xbox 360 version currently holds an impressive 46% on gamerankings. Even IGN, who loves everything, gave it a 5.5/10, making it worse than Daikatana and Too Human in their opinion (quite an impressive feat of badness). No wonder they waited so long to release this. It's dog crap.

    They gave it a 2/10. :lol:

    I was expecting it to be bad, but not bad on an epic scale. I think the rape themed level really puts it over the edge. Watch the youtube video, and you'll see that it's just as bad as they say. Totally disgusting and misogynistic. I think they were trying to be funny, but it's just woman hating garbage that only an actual rapist would think was funny. Duke Nukem Forever is the Room or Manos the Hands of Fate of video games. It's in the same category as the very worst of the bargain bin trash like Big Rigs or Stalin vs Martians. I can't wait for Yahtzee (the Zero Punctuation dude) to rip this game a new asshole.

    Here's the Rape level:
  9. I didn't see any penises during that video. Pretty tame to be honest for a "rape themed level". I think it's funny how some people think degrading/hurting/killing men is totally fine in video games but do those things to a woman and, WHOA! Suddenly everyone's up in arms about it! You don't see people going around saying Call of Duty is misandryistic do you? If it were men being anally violated by the aliens no-body would say a thing. A lot of people are way too oversensitive these days and it pisses me off to be honest. These are the kinds of people who come to live in a mainly Christian country (England) and demand that all Christmas cards refrain from showing the nativity scene because it's against their beliefs. Too sensitive and too easy to offend. Duke loves women anyway, his whole mission in this game is to rescue women, how is that misogynistic?
  10. Wouldn't they?
  11. I can guarantee you that people wouldn't be crying out "That game is degrading to men! It's sexist and anti-male!". But they're doing that because it's women.
  12. I think you're completely missing the point..

    It's distasteful in a manner of ways for no other reason than for the sake of being repulsive. Being sexist or degrading to women isn't the point; it's just vile shit that doesn't improve the game in any way, shape or form. I don't get why you're waffling on about sexism when, given your previous example involving men, I think people would find that just as distasteful.
  13. People don't play Duke Nukem for it's tasteful content. They should know what to expect with the Duke.
  14. Yeah, but seriously a rape themed level where you shoot women? What does that add to the game? That's just disgusting. You can tell they were trying to be funny, but there's no punchline. They seem to think women being raped and murdered is funny, but the only people who would find that funny are rapists. Why they decided to release the game with that level in it, I'm not sure. And seriously, this is the crap 3D Realms was working on for the last two decades?
  15. I’ve seen plenty of this in other games and it’s pretty rare that it affects sales in any way.

    A game this bad and this famous is going to be a cult classic. When it hits $10 it will fly off the shelves.
  16. Did Daikatana or Too Human or Big Rigs fly off the shelves?

    There was a time when this game might have sold well even though it's crap. And that time was 12 years ago. Most of the people playing games today have never even heard of Duke Nukem. This is going to wind up forgotten about in the bargain bin. And it's better that way. It never should have been released.
  17. I didn't see anyone getting raped in that level. I saw women bound to the floor/walls/ceilings with tenticles (insert beast with a billion backs reference). Heck, the two bimbos even had their underwear on, I don't recall 3D realms saying this depiction of kidnapping was meant to be funny. I feel it's relevant to the story because it's meant to show the seriousness of Duke's quest, the horror of what happens to the women he can't save. He kills them for their own sakes to put them out of their misery and he's remorseful about doing it. I think it's been blown way out of proportion.

    Did you expect to go into the alien hive and find sugar and rainbows?
  18. How did you miss all the women moaning and screaming as they get raped by alien penises? And the way he says "you're fucked" seems like it's supposed to be comical. Except it's not. It's the kind of shit murderers or rapists would think is hysterical. There's tasteless humor and then there's shit like this. Heck, I can laugh at rape when the rapists are the ones being made fun of, but that's not what this is. It's just rape...hahaha... because you know everyone hates women AMIRITE?
  19. True the "you're fucked" bit was obviously meant to be funny (and wasn't) but it wasn't as bad as most people make out, it's not like he walked in and said "Now this is my kind of party!". Maybe I'm just hard to offend as I took what I saw in that video with a pinch of salt. I've seen worse things in games. I bet Japan loves this level, you know how they like their tentacle porn lol. It's a game, I don't see how this is any worse that picking up a hooker on GTA3 then killing them afterwards to get your money back.
  20. when you put it that way I would find men being in that same position rather cheeky x|