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  1. I watched it on HBO Max and thankfully the app, which only recently was added to Vizio TVs, displayed properly in Dolby Vision (the PS5 HBO Max app looks more like it's 480p upscaled to 720p and looks awful). I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and am considering watching it again in IMAX. It was definitely a very smart move to break it into two movies. Hopefully the final product will play like one big 5-hour movie or 7.5 hour movie if he's including the next book like he wanted.

    On a side note, did anyone else find Rebecca Ferguson to be distractingly hot? I think Zendaya is supposed to be the mysterious dream girl, but I didn't notice that twig if Lady Jessica had been on the screen recently.
  2. Rebecca Ferguson almost seemed miscast. She's perfect for how I remember the character from the book, powerful, confident and knowledgeable. The movie made her seem weak and unsure. It's been awhile since I read the book so maybe I'm wrong.
  3. I've seen that criticism of her. I'm planning to read the books given I think it's likely to become a series of movies that are worth watching and the fact that I'm actually old enough to read them now unlike in the 80s when the Lynch movie came out when I was about 7 years old. My opinion of her may change. I was mainly just pointing out I thought she was incredibly good looking, though. For whatever reason I didn't notice her much in the Mission Impossible movies but found her irresistible when chanting weird demonic spells and was covered in sand and a hallucinogenic miracle drug. I'm not sure what that says about me exactly.
  4. Part two was officially announced today. I really hope we get some emperor sand worm action scenes someday.

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    Dune 2 is set for an October 2023 release.

    The second half of Dune has a lot more action. Hopefully they just let Denis Villeneuve do his thing and give him whatever budget he needs.
  6. I agree. I read somewhere that he is a dune fan since he was a kid and has kinda been chasing this for a long time. And so far so good.

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    He did a fantastic job. I've watched Dune three times now. Every time I pick up on more details from the books. This was one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. I felt the same way watching it that I did when I first watched the original Star Wars trilogy or the Lord of the Rings movies. It's on that level. And it holds up to repeat viewing.

    The combat is really unique in this movie. The shields totally change how battles are fought. But it was also like that in the book. The way Villenuve portrays the shields really works visually. Blue is a block, red is a hit. You can look at a huge, chaotic battle and have a pretty good idea of what's going on. And he made the Sardaukar really menacing. The way they paradrop out of ships and stealthily float down. The way their uniforms are slathered with blood so you can tell they're a bunch of fanatics. The way almost anyone who encounters them ends up dead. They make the storm troopers in Star Wars look like a joke.

    Other movies, shows, and books have borrowed a lot from Dune. And yet going back to the source material this felt really fresh and not quite like anything else.

    It's also been awhile since I read the book. From what I recall Jessica was a bit of both. Unsure of herself but trying to seem confident. I had no complaints with any of the casting. Even the gender swapped Dr Kynes was good. The actress did a great job with that part.
  8. lol other than you uber nerds, the only mainstream thing I've heard about this is on the radio. Apparently fans of Zandeya are complaining that she's barely in the movie but promoted as a star.
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    She's barely in the movie because that's how the first part of the book is written. She has a big role in the second half and in Messiah. She's the only bit of casting I'm not sure about. I have no idea if she's up to all the acting she's going to have to do going forward.
  10. Yeah. The trailers made it seem like she was a big part of the movie, but her part in this half was really small. It's was the equivalent of Darth Mauls, "At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi." line.

    Also, I think Duncan say's "Let's fight like demons" in the trailer but that was replaced by "They fight like demons". Apparently the trailer was made before the directors cut. It's funny because the "Let's fight like demons" was already being merchandised on shirts.
  11. Dune won 6 Oscars. Unfortunately it didn’t get best picture and wasn’t even nominated for best director.
  12. Glad it won some. Haven’t watched the Oscar’s since forever. Can’t really remember the last time I watched it.

    Although I’m sad I missed Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. It’s all over the internet though.

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    Dune was awesome and I have the 4K Blu-ray, but the AppleTV movie that did win best picture was actually surprisingly good. I'm surprised they picked CODA, but I'm not upset about it.

    Dune was very deserving of all the technical awards it won. The Academy often screws this up royally as they did with Alita: Battle Angel.