E3 2015.

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  1. Since it is E3 week we need a thread.


    Fallout 4 (Release date November 2015)
    New Doom
    Dishonored 2
    Elder Scrolls Online expansion or something
    Elder Scrolls: Legends

    Also, Earthbound: Beginnings has been announced by Nintendo which is the localization of the original Earthbound for WiiU.


  2. i'll just link to the entire bethesda show. starts at 25:30

  3. Could not find it myself, nice one. This game is going to be supreme. I just hope it won't be buggy like new Vegas.
  4. Live stream:

  5. Xbox one gets a new elite controller and backwards compatibility with Xbox 360.
  6. How does the BC work?
  7. A download I think. Then you can install games from 360 disks or download the games.

    Hololens on minecraft looked amazing as did Gears 4.

    Metal gear Solid 5 last ever trailer from Kojima showing now. :(
  8. I don't trust the hololens demo; seemed a bit like the kinect demo of old that was all smoke and mirrors. I'm hoping BC works better than it did on 360 - according to what I've read, publishers just need to agree to it being on xbone and that's it.
  9. Dishonored 2 looked great.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXU5k4U8x20
  11. Always a sucker for DOOM

  12. i'm gonna throw in my unpopular opinion and say i got sooooo bored watching that and was just browsing the internet on my other monitor..... and then SHOWED more footage after the first segment. and then i remembered i wasn't watching a live feed and just fast forwarded through it :)
  13. Sony about to start in 7 minutes. They will need to bust out something special to beat Xbox's earlier on.
  14. LAST GUARDIAN!!! Right off the bat! Sony wins.
  16. SONY WINS! So much quality games!!
  17. SHENMUE FUCKING 3 as well. I cant take any more Sony my dicks already rock solid!!
  18. Cod: Black ops 3 PS4 exclusive, M$ must be crying.
  19. Uncharted 4 looks amazing.

    That ends today's Sony conference. Sony absolutely wins. Shenmue 3 kickstarter is already over $500k of its 2 million goal. Should reach the goal by tomorrow.
  20. not sure how well this game is going to do. usually black ops takes a different approach to the main series. but this one looks exactly like advanced warfare.