Elder Scrolls Online

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  1. Teaser.


    Not much to go on at the minute but I guess that makes it official.
  2. I still can't believe Zenimax online studios is giving such a big fuck you to the millions of elder scrolls players who play on consoles.
  3. is this PC only?? I dunno I never click on the links... well possibly as it's an mmo... is Knights of the Round PC only?? Wow that sucks. Why are there no mmo's on the consoles, server issue? PSO is, but it doesn't really use servers does it? Evercrack was, FF11, FF14 (all Sony brands though... as Square is in bed with Sony... mostly) I guess FF11 is on the 360 isn't it?? That just doesn't fit.
  4. I suppose it's easier to gamble on one platform rather than developing for all platforms and have an epic fail of an mmo. All the money down the toilet.
  5. Now you know what it feels like all the time for us PC gamers.
  6. Damn you to hell.
  7. Yeah take that! wa-pish! wa-pish! Booh ya! PCs rule, console drool and tablet poo their pants.
  8. tablet envy fo sho'!
  9. Here's the teaser for this fucking game.


    Machinima made me laugh when they pointed out that the teaser trailer is almost identical shot for shot to the trailer for Darksiders 2.

    Dudebro alert.


    If they're going out of their way to make it a PC/Mac exclusive why does it have shit graphics? Considering it's not even being made by Bethesda I can see this game failing, especially looking as bad as it does in those screens. You know what, I'm starting to think I might be happy that it's not on consoles because if it turns out to be an abortion I won't waste my money on it.
  10. MMO's aren't known to have good graphics. Look at all of them in existence. It's meant to be played by as many people as possible to boost the number of subscriptions.

    When World of Warcraft came out, it was a DX7 game. It was pathetic.. and yet, it became the most successful MMO in all time.
  11. Graphically WoW didn't push the envelope, but it did make up for it by having very good art direction. I thought it was a great looking game.

    Unlike Oblivion, which came out about a year later and which was very cookie cutter, I thought WoW did a great job of making different parts of the world look truly different. It really felt like you were in a massive, epic world. I never felt that way while playing Oblivion.
  12. Indeed. It was through patches and updates that WOW got a bunch of graphic updates. If you look at launch wow and years later wow, it's like night and day. Even the system requirements got pushed up through the years cuz of the updates even though it's still the same game.
  13. I played wow for a short time and I found it weird that you go from one land to another and it's like literally stepping into another world in one step as opposed to the environment gradually shifting like in oblivion. Regardless of the fact that TESO is an MMO it still has graphics that in 2012 are simply shit.
  14. That was one of the things that was so awesome about it. It really made you want to explore because every area and every city felt completely different.
  15. Yeah I'm not saying its a bad way of doing it. It's like going from the green hill zone to the marble zone but without the brief pause. I just feel the way the landscape changes in oblivion felt much more consistent, like you were still in the same land, just a different area.
  16. They had to follow a world design that was already set for warcraft. They basically took the warcraft maps and blew them up. The Eastern Kingdoms continent blended together alot better than Kalimdor did.
  17. I loved the water reflections in WoW, you could do some neat things there... for 2004
  18. Water effects in WoW were non-existant originally. That stuff didn't come in until later, along with the bloom lighting effects, etc. Pretty much, some original xbox games like Splinter Cell and Blood Wake that came out a few years before WoW were technically more impressive since they took advantage of dx8 effects.
  19. [SIZE=small]Someone made some Daedric armor[/SIZE]


  20. That's sad and awesome at the same time.