Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

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  1. Should be an amazing game. Here's a few bits and bobs to carry over from the orginal PVC thread:

    Technology for this is derived from the engine that powered Fallout 3, albeit with significant modifications.

    Release date: 11/11/11

    Debut trailer:

    What are your hopes for this game?

    I think I'd be happy with more of the same except perhaps a little more of the freedom Morrowind and a return to the old enemy levels systems.
  2. Yeah and so was NV and look what happened to that!

    I really want to try to get into an Elder Scrolls game as I loved Fallout 3 and NV when they behaved but I have lost a lot of faith in the engine and the developers over this past 2 weeks. I will need to see reviews stating that it is 100% stable before I even think about getting it.
  3. Among other things I'd like better voice acting and character animations. The voice acting was really hammy in Oblivion and Fallout 3, and was done by only a handful of people, which got weird when you would encounter dozens of NPCs with the same voice. The NPCs also moved and behaved like robots. These games are supposed to be all about immersion and it really took me out of the experience.
  4. I actually liked that about Fallout 3 though. It gave the impression that half the people who occupied the game world had desires to wear my face and gnaw on my bloody skull, which was somewhat accurate.

    With Oblivion on the other hand, it ruined the immersion.
  5. I suppose in Fallout it made it easier to kill and rob the NPCs. But in Oblivion it took me out of the experience.
  6. I think think the screen shots look weird but I'm sure it will be good. Will the game stage be underground? I kind of get that feeling.
  7. I'm guessing it'll be a mix of open snowy plains, high mountain paths and subterranean caverns.
    The new dragon voice ability sounds intriguing. I wonder how they'll incorporate this into the game and whether the dragons will be regular enemies or boss type battles.
  8. [​IMG]

    First few are nice, last two pretty poor, especially the last shot.
  9. I actually like the last shot and the bar shot the best. The bar shot shows of the new lighting engine with dynamic shadows and the last shot has nice water effects and environmental shadows are obvious as well. Plus, it looks very nice.

    EDIT: Forgot to remove the pictures.
  10. Those are some nice looking shots. I just hope that this game wont lag up or freeze the console it is playing on, like Oblivion did with Xbox's.

    Anyway, there is a gameplay trailer:

  11. Trailer on youtube in HD,

    Very nice.
  12. Thank you for bringing that video to my attention. This is going to be the best game ever. Fact.
  13. Never played any Elder Scrolls game, but this just looks amazing.
  14. Didn't everyone say that about Oblivion? It does look and sound awesome though. I will definitely give it a play.
  15. And that would even be true - Oblivion is the best game ever and it is Skyrim to possibly dethrone it :)
  16. Torq, you are spot on there. If ANY game has ever had a chance of beating Oblivion as the best game ever, this may just be it.
  17. Yeah, and it turned out to be the second best game ever (for me at least) second only to the all mighty Final Fantasy X. Skyrim is the first game in 9 years that I think will actually be better than FFX.
  18. [​IMG]

    I just figured out who they based this figure on.

    That's right, Cruncher from Thundercats!


  19. Oblivion was the first time I tried out a game of this type, and I loved it. Looking forward to this beast, but I will have to invest in either a HD TV, or get a HD monitor and a lead that will let my Xbox play on it, otherwise I will miss out on how amazing this game will look.
  20. Or simply get the PC version...