EU mass Immigration

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  1. Hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees have been mass migrating to Europe as we all know and have heard. Seen a lot of discussion and opinions from both sides of whether to help them or not and if half of them are ISIS.

    Thought I would get up a discussion on it here. What are your thoughts on everything to do with it? Be truthfull too.
  2. What are your thoughts then?
  3. Dont want them. Were full enough as it is and supposedly were skint but can offer money food and accomodation for them. Add that to a small amount of then will be hidden ISIS people.
  4. Suddenly people give a shit because of one drowned kid in a picture. It's like people haven't been paying attention to news about the war in Syria for the last four years. Seems like EU countries should be focused on wiping out Assad and ISIS rather than taking in refugees, which doesn't fix the source of the problem, which is that between terrorists and a murderous dictator, it's no longer safe to live in Syria.
  5. Have to agree with cmdr, more bombs and regime change is needed.
  6. Got just the man for the job.
  7. Literally any government would have to be better than Assad or ISIS. Fascism vs theocracy is about as bad as it gets. Generally not a fan of military intervention, but it's needed in this case. The allied countries need to steamroll the region and kill all ISIS and Assad thugs. Russia can just deal with it. It's what they get for siding with a murderous thug like Assad.
  8. Another thing is why are they coming to Europe when there are richer countrys in their area like Saudi Arabia ect who are muslims. Benefits maybe? Different type of life or a part of their Muslim world dominance.
  9. Part of their Muslim world dominance? What does that mean?
  10. The European countries are much nicer places to live. Who would want to live in a repressive shithole like Saudi Arabia when they could live in Germany or France?

    The EU countries are already stretched thin, and you will be dealing with wave after wave of refugees until something is done about the source of the problem.
  11. Muslims are to Europe what Mexicans are to the US.

    Until something is done about the drug war and the corruption in Mexico, they are just going to keep coming in.
  12. Re: EU mass Immigration

    The solution

  13. We will have to send in our best commandos.

  14. I thought you had a workable solution with Batman, but you've totally outdone yourself.

    When Quiet is not killing everyone in the desert, she can promiscuously shower in a field to draw in a crowd of terrorists we bomb with a drone.
  15. I think a big issue is that ISIS could be hiding inside the refugees, quite literally. They may burst out like the alien out of alien or aliens resurrection, which really wasn't that great. Sure, the beginning is ok but then it soon goes downhill. The conclusion is definitely over done; it harps back to earlier themes in the series in such a heavy handed way that it just feels clumsy. I definitely don't recommend it.
  16. That movie went full retard with the giant half alien half human baby monster thing.
  17. We are taking 10k Syrian refugees. Seems like a bargain since the CIA/DoD helped destabilize the region in the first place. I wonder when the US Govt will realize they cannot control power vacuums in 3rd world shit holes...
  18. I wonder where one put's 10,000 refugees? There must be a person tasked with figuring that out. Maybe they still have some FEMA trailers used in the New Orleans evacuation.
  19. 10,000? We're taking 12,000 with our piddly population and ultra conservative idiotic government. I guess immigration is even more of a racist bait topic in the US than it is here so they don't want to piss off the bigots too much.