EU mass Immigration

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  1. They'll just be put up a load of new houses, making it even harder for people who don't get free housing to get housing.

    Anyone else remember back February there was a member of Isis saying something like they were going to flood Europe with Isis agents and cap us all off? I hope we have a way of checking these refugees to see if they're part of Isis or something.

    "Hey! You there! You got an Isis ID badge? No? Go on in, have a free house and bring your entire family to England over the next 12 months."
  2. Who gets free housing in the first place? Do refugees get given a free house? What's your solution to those displaced by the conflict?
  3. Send them to their own kind. How is it our problem whats going on, on they're continent? Were just mugs as it will back fire sooner or later. We have just got over a recession or always bailing out other country's or citizens.
  4. Re: EU mass Immigration

    Their own kind? Aren't we all the same species?

    Yeah, how is it our problem that we bombed the region and caused instability?
  5. Their own religion people. They say they are a peaceful religion and help out fellow Muslims but they don't give a shit and as usual Europe have to bail out the unfortunate as usual.
  6. Good point phisix. Pretty sure we've not been up to anything in the Middle East at all. At the end of the day, these Syrians should seek shelter from Syrians in their own land, the one they're desperately fleeing from.

    At the end of the day, where full up. Help are boys first, end off.
  7. Assad would very much like to help them to some sarin gas, while ISIS is very generous with beheadings and rape. Sounds like the people from their region are reaching out to help them, but these greedy moochers want more.
  8. Everyone everywhere should go back to where they came from, Africa.
  9. We can keep them in the FEMA controlled Walmarts that house Jade Helm super-soldiers.
  10. It won't be long before English people are the minority in England. I don't think we're going to have any kind of overpopulation problem on our hands because as more foreigners come over here more Brits are emigrating.

    I'm not too fussed if they come over here. I lost the ability to care about the massive influxes of foreigners we let in every couple of years a long time ago. I just hope they don't bring a load of Isis sleeper agents along with them.

    To be fair though, 20,000 really doesn't sound like that many considering our population is 64 million.

    I'll just leave this video regarding Isis agents amongst the refugees here.
  11. You're a bit late, considering the fact that there hasn't been a "pure" English person for many thousands of years.

    The closest you'd get would be people living in Wales. They have the least mixed genes.

    Do you speak Welsh? If not, GET THE FECK OUT OF MY COUNTRY!

    I think sleeper agents coming in is a fantastic thing. Anything to get rid of the English dogs who are seemingly unable to read and write properly.

    I've no idea how anyone can get where, we're, were/there, they're, their mixed up.

    They're always the ones that use the excuse that "it's just a post on the internet. I can actually spell, really!", when mistakes like these wouldn't even occur if they actually had a decent grasp of English.

    So yes, please blow up our retards, ISIS. I've no sympathy for them at all.
  12. I imagine your front door is going to be knocked down within the next 15 minutes for posting pro ISIS comments, they're watching us all!
  14. You do you Crazy Chi!

  16. I often wonder how small European countries keep any sense of nationalism. I met with a German lady a few weeks ago who complained that all the cultural restaurants in Europe were being replaced with Subways and McDs.
  17. Based off reports from Hungary, that bastion of forward thinking when it comes to refugees. Good to see that article on a couple of ISIS agents reveals that one of them was actually fighting ISIS.

    Britain definitely seems to be getting more right wing regarding immigration and refugees. Such a shame.
  18. The naive idea that people could be invited here and then distrubuted across Europe bites back Germany.

    First, they claim loud and clear that refugees are welcome.
    Then, when they finally awake, they close borders claiming that this is other countries' fault as they don't want to help.

    The problem here is that no one asked those refugees what they want or rather, no one in Germany seem to take it seriously. Those people don't want to be numbered and split into groups and then assigned to Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania and other poorer east european countries.

    How could such system of assigning people to various countries even work? The first day here in Poland, most of such people would just go back to Germany/Sweden. I don't even want to think of a massive corruption that would appear when the bureaucracy be given the task of assigning people to countries. 1000€ for Sweden?

    When a large group of people want to migrate to particular country, they want to go there and nowhere else. Just imagine the mass migration to US century ago and the idea of assigning people to Peru, Bolivia or Honduras because a hypotetical America's Union decided imigrants are distributed among different countries.

    Personally, I don't envy anyone who suffers from other people coming and claiming the land as their own. In particular, I really don't envy Brits the large number of Poles, Romania s and other people from here who went to UK in such large numbers. Knowing at least dozen of such people personally, I guess half of them are normal people seeking work and wanting to contribute to their new place of living, the other half is the half no one misses here.

    The same goes possibly with the group that comes now. Some of them are Syrians seeking for help, others are thieves, terrorists plus they are even not Syrians. I've read somewhere that false Syria passports are selling well.
  19. It sounds like you Europeans need to stop living the fruity Bohemian lifestyle and actually fuck some women and have kids or it will be Sharia Law for you within a generation.
  20. They're refugees, not permanent residents.