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  1. Anybody wear contact lenses? If so, where do you do your eye exam?

    I had to renew my prescription today and did a walk-in at the Vision center at Walmart. They gave me a prescription slightly different than what I've been wearing for 8+ years.

    I suppose my eyes could've gotten worse with age. BUT what is weird is the entire exam was done by a receptionist who had me look into a machine. This VirtualBoy thing just flashed a picture of a farm with a red barn in the center repeatedly. Sometimes fuzzy and sometimes sharp. I think it basically estimated/guessed my power somehow.

    The tech sent me to the doctor who signed off on the prescription without doing a manually check.

    Does this seem legit? Or should I get it redone somewhere else? I don't know if I should trust this walmart Virtual bob thing with my eye.
  2. Oh god. It's finally started. The end of the world. You've been reprogrammed man. You'll probably go on some murderous rampage in a few days and totally forget what you did a few days before.
  3. I should've have known something was up when I saw it was for $60.
  4. Not sure how they work but they are pretty accurate. Most docs will do a manual test as well but that was Walmart and the exam was cheap. I had an exam there once and the receptionist also did the test. It's funny because I also saw her working the register in the deli.
  5. So I guess all of you guys wear contacts? I can't stand them. The thought of something rubbing against my cornea is a real turn off. I have an astigmatism in my left eye that's really only an issue when I do a lot of reading, so reading glasses are fine. I don't care if I look like a dork when I read.

    I had an additional issue with weak extraocular muscles when I was a child, but that seems to have resolved. My ophthalmologist had me doing a set of exercises that pretty well took care of the issue.
  6. I wear glasses but it is my right eye where I also have astigmatism. I am also becoming more short sighted and my now both of my lenses do a job.

    I now can't play games on my TV without my glasses on because I really have to strain to see any writing and things get a bit blurred. It is amazing how the world comes into focus when I put these things on now compared to it just being a little sharper when I first started wearing them 5-6 years ago.

    I always keep the same frames and just have the lenses changed when my prescription changes.
  7. Speaking of glasses, I keep breaking the little plastic nose pieces on mine. I should probably order some on ebay.
  8. Have you tried Accuvue Oaysis? They are the only contacts I can wear, because I can't feel them on my eye.

    So basically, this automated test is legit? It was only a .25 bump, but I don't like it.
  9. Just like Harry Potter!
  10. I have to be pinned down to put eye drops in, no one and nothing is touching my eye.
  11. Me too. Luckily my eyes are fine right now, if I did have to start wearing glasses I think id brave the contacts but I still have nightmares of a story I once read in some publication. A man was admitted to hospital screaming in agony saying he couldn't get his contacts out, turns out he's wasn't wearing any and was instead inadvertently trying to prise his cornea off with his fingernails. Cringe at will.
  12. That happens occasionally with contact lenses, but not to the extreme of going to the hospital. Usually alcohol is involved. You try to get them out until your eyes get hyper-sensitive and red. They probably fell out long ago but you can't tell.
  13. That sounds awful. Why not just wear glasses? Or get your eyes burnt with lasers.
  14. Lasik isn't perfect. Some people end up with itchy, dry eyes or foreign body sensations after Lasik. Keep in mind that they are peeling off a section of the cornea with a laser.
  15. Don't they slice up a flap, do some magic, then flop it back down?

    Funny moment with someone who had recently had the laser magics. You're supposed to avoid bright lights for a while afterwards.

    Posed for a photo, flash was on, they were writhing in agony for about 10 minutes. HAHAHAHA
  16. My dad had laser eye surgery and they made a mistake first time so they had to do it again for free. He says he can see perfectly now but who knows. I just find it odd seeing him without glasses on.