Fairly bobbins

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by khaid, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. I ran across someone that wrote "I have a nexus s, I am fairly pleased with it. But the headset that Samsung provided with it is fairly bobbins."

    Needless to say, the first thought I had was WTF THIS GUY MUST BE BRITISH. Was that a wrong assumption?
  2. Never heard of that saying before, and that is in all different county's and towns I have lived in.
  3. I've never heard anyone use that expression either, but a quick google search returned this:


    For a term that I've never heard in my whole life it sure does have a lot of definitions.
  4. You've never heard of bobbins? THE FUCK? Khaid I can understand but you two have NO excuse.
  5. I know what a bobbin is. Not fairly bobbins.
  6. Fairly bobbins just means it's fairly rubbish; like total bobbins means it's total rubbish. I'm not sure why you twos haven't heard it. Maybe you're illegal immigants or somethink.
  7. I've heard of Sherry Bobbins
  8. She's dead. Get over it.
  9. Your fairly bobbins Monsly. Is it a cockney slang or something?
  10. Isn't it more of a Northern thing originally? I think so. I think so indeed.
  11. Well I live in the South, so...

    I may have heard of it before, but I just don't remember it.
  12. I live in the south too. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE, YOU PEAKY BLINDER.
  13. Partial confusion brought on by shenanigans.
  14. i learned some proper english from mary bobbins. god bless you julie andrews.
  15. Kate Beckinsale makes my cock fairly bobbins.
  16. You mean Mary Poppins?
  17. I'm not a northern monkey so there you go.