Fall 2015 TV Season

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  1. Looks like another shit season of TV shows are on there way for the Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 season!

    FOX released most of their upfronts, most will be cancelled with weeks and don't deserve their own threads like Lucifer. That show is gonna make it big, I'm sure of it!

  2. Yeah, none of these things are going to make it beyond 5 episodes. I couldn't even make it through any of the trailers without turning them off out of boredom. Lucifer at least has a chance of being so bad it's good. The rest of these are just bad.
  3. The older Ted Savage gets the more he looks like Mel Gibson.
  4. CBS upfronts. Supergirl looks especially bad... but not as bad a Frankenstein Code.

  5. Calista Flockhart has had some seriously bad plastic surgery. Jesus.

    Super Girl rivals Frankstein Code in the retardation department, but at least the girl is kind of hot.

    Limitless was a decent thriller movie, but turning it into a cheesy TV detective show where a guy uses the drug to solve crimes is not the way to go with it.

    Generic doctor show, generic comedy, generic comedy. I didn't even finish watching the others because they bored me in the first 30 seconds. Not like it matters. They're all getting cancelled anyway.
  6. Holy shit, I couldn't place who that was... she always looked cute. Now her face is permanently frozen in an "I'm so angry because I look like a skinny Joan Rivers" state. So sad.

    I don't understand broadcast network obsession with the buddy-cop format... Forever (2014) was another ludicrous buddy cop show. What does an immortal do with his extraordinary gift of time? Solve crime for the NYPD of course! The supernatural elements were pretty cool, but the weekly crime solving was such garbage.

  7. Supergirl doesn't actually look that bad. Seems to have a budget and the approach is to have some fun with the premise, which is probably the best route to keeping it on the air...mix the drama with some light comedy. It's the Buffy the Vampire Slayer route.
  8. The CW did a great job with Arrow and Flash, I kinda wish they got this instead of CBS. The pilot already leaked but the quality is too low for me.
  9. You just have to remember that with broadcast television networks, procedural dramas and sitcoms are the preferred format. They're safer and any potential viewer can jump in at any time and not really miss a beat. In other words, it's easier for the show to grab an audience.

    So basically, the expected formula is:

    Broadcast television = Procedural dramas & sitcoms
    Cable television = serials

    Knowing this, you know what you're getting into and helps you appreciate things more. In my case, I was enjoying Forever, the few episodes I watched of it. It was fairly light-hearted and had unique ideas. I'm watching izombie now and it has a similar feel.
  10. True. It makes sense from their point of view. I really like the season long arcs like Killing, Following, Wayward Pines. But those don't last for 8 seasons.

    I liked Forever, it started and ended well, and the time period flashbacks were cool. But there was stretch in the middle where they dropped the supernatural stuff for generic detective show.
  11. There was this show on NBC that I quite liked a few years ago called Awake.. not sure if you recall it.

    It got super interesting then it got the axe. :(
  12. Does it end in a cliffhanger? I'll probably skip it if it does.
  13. no. I think the writers were told early enough that their show was getting cancelled that they had enough time to give closure to the end of the show
  14. ABC upfronts... all terrible. These were the first set I couldn't make it through the whole video. Except Oil, that one made me lol. Some executive actually though Don Johnson starring in a Dallas knockoff was a good idea...

  15. Oil is such a shameless knockoff of Dallas I'll be amazed if they don't get sued.

    Quantico looks preposterous. Not only does the twist look dumb, but they all just look like underwear models and soap opera actors. I didn't see anyone who looked remotely believable as an FBI recruit, most of whom IRL are either ex special forces or academics with doctorates.

    Kings and Prophets = cutrate Bible themed knockoff of Game of Thrones

    I liked John Candy as Uncle Buck, but the Tyler Perry style remake looks dreadful.

    I couldn't make it through most of these. They're all just so bad, and sure to be cancelled.
  16. The Family looks like an interesting concept but it's lose/lose viewers. They idea seems cool in limited release... but if it's successful the will drag it 8 seasons. If it bombs you wind up with an unresolved mystery.
  17. That was the only one that looked sort of promising. It would probably be good as a miniseries on AMC. ABC will surely screw it up though.
  18. Oil doesn't look that similar to Dallas. Dallas was about high-rises, board rooms, and country clubs.
  19. I've never seen Dallas, but if I did I'd like it better than Oil since Don Johnson isn't in it.
  20. I've never seen Dallas either but I have vague memories of people talking about who shot JR.