Fall 2016 TV Season

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  1. I don't watch as much TV anymore and most shows suck. But I've been meaning to scan through the trailers for this season. Only got through the fox list so far, lost of suck-age. APB may be lol worthy.


    Lethal Weapon:


    The Exorcist:

    Son of Zorn:

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

    24: Legacy:



    Shots Fired:

    The Mick:

    Making History:

    Prison Break
  2. The Exorcist as a TV show? What the...
  3. The Mick looks pretty good.
  4. eh looks like only 24 for me
  5. haha... it'll probably be a 'exorcism of the season' type show. A new one every week would be ridiculous.

    I thought Pitch was FOX's worst... it basically wrapped up the whole premise in the 3 minute trailer complete with a happy ending. What's the point of the show after that?

    CBS rebooted MacGyver... something maybe relevant in the 80s but anybody with a smartphone can become in 2016. Somehow Kevin James continues to get acting jobs.....




    Pure Genius:

    Man Without a Plan:

    The Great Indoors:

    Kevin Can't Wait:
  6. That's a whole lotta nothin' from CBS. Maybe they've got a TV version of The Omen waiting as a backup...
  7. LOL NBC is only launching 3 shows in the fall while holding back 9 new shows for mid-season. That pretty much means they expect to cancel the bulk of their fall lineup.

    ABC's designated survivor could be good, imo.


    Designated Survivor


    American Housewife



    Time after Time

    Still Star Crossed

    Downward Dog

    Imaginary Mary


    The Good Place

    This is Us


    NBC-Midseason (no pilots yet)

    Taken - The Series without Liam Neeson!
    Blacklist Spinoff
    Emerald City - Wizard of Oz retooling
    Chicago Justice - 4th 'Chicago' spin off
    Great News - A Tina Fey project
    Marlon Waynes Project
    Midnight, Texas - True Blood knockoff
    Powerless - workplace comedy
    Trial & Error - john lithgow comedy
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    So much unwatchable garbage. Network TV is like a bad show factory.
  9. Speechless, Timeless, and Powerless…the inadvertent trilogy from NBC.
  10. I inadvertently ended up watching Lethal Weapon and Designated Survivor, while doing some work.

    Lethal Weapon was good in that regard, as background distraction. I wouldn't change the channel if it came on but wouldn't go seeking it out either, if that makes sense. But it's not terrible.

    Designated Survivor was good. The beginning was as suspenseful as the trailer, the middle got boring with story setup, but it picked up again for a good finish. I stopped working for most of this show as it had my attention.
  11. Designated Survivor was the only preview that looked okay. But it also looked like it would make a better movie than show.
  12. Yeah, I kinda wish it wasn't on network TV.... this type of story is good for 50-60 episodes which is a good run on cable. But broadcast networks need 22 episodes/year across 7 seasons. Shows become completely unrecognizable from start to end.
  13. This show is only set up for 13 episodes so it'll be fine.
  14. I guess I can dump Amazon and Hulu originals in here....

    Goliath is pretty good show. BBT plays his signature role: loser alcoholic ready for redemption, this time as a washed out lawyer. The show itself is a murder mystery / conspiracy that unravels as a legal drama.

    First 2 episodes kick off at 10/10... by the finale it's clocking ~6/10.
    Overall, I give the full ride a 7/10.

  15. House is back... but calling himself Chance. He traded differential diagnostics in Jersey for forensic neuro-psychiatry in NoCal. Haven't figured out what this show is about, but it has the most intriguing atmosphere of all the pilots. A very trippy mood setting film noir style show and my favorite pilot of the season.