Falling Skies

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  1. http://www.tnt.tv/ Watch the trailer
    they are not friend and are killing and destroying everything. :(
    Why Hollywood is focusing in this kind of movies?
    it all began with Independence Day., after years of this movie arrive SkyLine now Battle L.A and this is the new installment Falling Skies.
  2. There have always been films about invading aliens. War of the Worlds, Attack of the triffids. Everything.
  3. Dear god Skyline was some of the worst shit I've ever had to endure.
  4. I've consistently heard skyline was bad, but what was it specifically that made it bad?
  5. Look at it this way, cmdr. Both Battle LA and Skyline took place in Los Angeles. Apparently all of the military went to the area in LA that was in Battle LA, cuz there was only a group of like 4-5 soldiers in Skyline.. throughout the whole movie. The rest of the artillery used by our military looked to be drones and it was for only one scene.. I'm not sure though cuz there was no story for our military at all in this movie.

    Oh ya, almost forgot to mention. The aliens were pretty much giant vaginas sucking people in.
  6. Skyline sounds about on par with a SyFy original movie of the week.

    I don't know. I mean the wikipedia description of Skyline sounds hilariously awful. Do people really have their brains sucked out and put into robots? And that was supposed to be taken seriously?
  7. Yes that did happen, and you dont even know that until the end of the movie cuz the rest of the movie was just people being sucked into giant vaginas.
  8. I'll have to watch it. Could be a contender for worst movie of all time.
  9. I saw the movie but with other perspective.If the world around is invaded by ET's means that the armys of the world is not enough to stop those creatures.
  10. Well.... first off the movie made no real sense in the begining. Infact the intro had absolutely no bearing on the movie and the intro went for a solid half-hour. Secondly the acting and dialouge were absolutely horrible. Finally the ending was quite possibly one of the most pointless things ever.

    Oh yeah, like Khaid said, the aliens were just giant vaginas that sucked people in and then proceeded to put their brains into other vag aliens so that the cycle could continue.
  11. I just watched it. The acting and dialogue were indeed awful, the characters were unlikeable, and it was pretty much an hour and a half of people being sucked into vagina ships and having their brains taken out. The military response to the aliens seems to be almost non-existent and is barely shown. The ending was pointless and made no sense. How was he still in control after they sucked his brain out and put it in an alien body? And why follow these people if they were doomed? All in all, it was only marginally better than a SyFy original movie. I downloaded it so I don't feel bad, but I can see how I'd be pissed if I had seen it in a theater.

    I actually did like the idea of people being mesmerized by the lights though, and the idea of having to use drone planes to attack because of it. Too bad the execution was so horrible. Maybe with a competent director and real actors they could have pulled it off.
  12. Now that you watched
    How the H... the spaceship survive to the nuclear misile?
  13. Because the movie was completely retarted, most of the ship should have been vapourised by the extreme amounts of energy released by the nuke, yet it manages to friggn' piece itself back together.

    And who cares about spoilers for this movie, it's completely retarted and I'm probably saving you money/data allowance by telling you these things.
  14. Why are you worried about a spaceship (one not from this world no less) when there were alien vaginas sucking people up?
  15. i'm not worried about the spaceship
    i'm only adding ridiculous things of the movie.
    Did you watched that part?
  16. Ya, why is that so out of the ordinary though? It's life from another planet. Who knew how it would react to a nuclear warhead? They had technology of using a blue light to suck up humans from miles away.
  17. Everything with the tactical nuke was fucking stupid. The ship would have been vaporized. The guy watching on the telescope would be blind. The EMP would have taken out anything electronic. It was clearly put together by someone who didn't know anything about how nuclear weapons work.
  18. Precisley! The burst of gamma at their range from the nuke would have also induced radiation sickness at the very least, being unshielded and all.