Far Cry 3

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  1. This game deserves its own thread.

    So how do you guys take out armored pirates? I usually snipe them in the back of the head but that doesn't work well once they spot me.
  2. I use a silenced anti-materiel rifle to the head. Or you can use a takedown if you have the right perk.

    Prior to those goodies, I'd try to get some distance and make sure I hit them in the back of the head as you are doing. Sometimes I'd disrupt their charging my position by dropping a Molotov on them and running to a new hiding spot.
  3. Armored, eh? I'm not far enough along to have run into those yet, but wouldn't the grenade launcher or one of the mounted machine guns work? Anyway, I'm enjoying the game more now that I can carry multiple weapons and have followed a bit more of the story missions. The gator/crocodile death is rather amusing, especially after seeing a few dead deer by the water's edge and stupidly wondering what had happened...

    One of the things that I've found impressive graphically is that there's so little pop in on the 360 when running from disc, even when driving around at top speed.
  4. Best I can tell it takes two Molotovs or two grenades to take one of them out. I tried the flamethrower and it wasn't very effective.

    Yeah the game gets better when you start to get weapon choices. I've had one crock kill me and it's made me afraid of the water ever since. I keep looking for them but never see them.
  5. Occasionally you can spot a croc, but they are often impossible to see. I've seen them grab a deer in water I was just about to run through.

    In real life, they tend to hide in very murky water that makes them almost invisible and explode towards prey with the most powerful bite on the planet. I saw a guy on a nature show measure a massive croc's bite at 5000 lbs of pressure with a pressure plate attached to a pole.
  6. I believe there was one loitering in the water that you could see during the first jungle "harvest" mission, where you had to get two boar hides and a few red, green, blue plants. The blue plant that was the shortest distance into the water had the croc pointed right at it. I went for one that was about a hundred yards behind it and further into the water and nothing happened.

    I've also had a couple of Komodo dragons latch onto my legs in the bush, but they actually seem to be one of the easier animals to kill at close range. They're supposed to be venomous though, so I was surprised that there wasn't any poisoning/infection after that.
  7. I ran into about 3 crocs in the game and I haven't played much. Nothing really scary about it as they're probably the easiest thing to kill in the game. It's just a short qte.
  8. I killed my first last night. I never actually saw it. I was about ready to jump in a pool of water and my cross hairs kept turning red. So I fired a few shots and next thing I know dead croc.

    So you haven't had one grab you yet? I haven't died from a shark yet but I'm wondering what it's like. One time I accidentally landed a hang glider far out in the ocean and I was sure I'd get picked off but it didn't happen. They seem to stick to the shallow waters.

    I've traded my bow in for a scoped large machine gun. They are surprisingly accurate, lethal and the bullet capacity can't be beat. I always keep the sniper riffle because it's needed and I've been caring a pistol but even the best pistol seems kind of worthless. I'll probably trade it off for a rocket or grenade launcher.
  9. Crocs definitely aren't easy to kill with a handgun. I fired four to five rounds at the one that was loitering about in the mission I mentioned above and it didn't even move.

    What did you guys think of the groovy shroom cave mission? This seems to be a very drug oriented game. Also, why would the pirates bother taking random vacationers hostage if they have shipping pallets stacked with kilos of cocaine?
  10. That's what I meant. I got grabbed by 3 crocs in the short amount of time I spent in the game. I seem to like to high tail it off of small cliffs when shit hits the fan. So each time it was just short qte which is pretty much the easiest kills in the game. Killing the rabid dogs in the high grass was a pain in the ass. And the komodo dragons seemed to laugh off my pistol's bullets.
  11. The biggest question is how could anyone visit an island with thousands of heavily armed pirates, drug cartels, and kidnappers and not have heard anything about it before hand? How did they vacation at all when there is a pirate ever hundred feet or so? The only working theory I can think of is that maybe they were on a party boat off the coast somewhere and took short day trips to the beach.
  12. I was thinking that maybe their skydiving trip was supposed to have gone wrong somehow, as I believe that was the last video on the smartphone in the opening sequence. And even if it did, where's the airstrip supposed to be that they took off from? Does Rook Island even have one?

    Video game logic aside, another kudo that I should give this game is the enemy AI being a notch above the usual. And by that I mean that the stealth detection isn't too ridiculous, and enemy reactions in terms of cover/approach/tactics are actually kind of varied. I just finished the lumberyard main story mission and that was a pretty fun set piece.
  13. When taking one particular encampment I killed the last pirate with my silenced sniper riffle but there were several dogs left. Now I sometimes find it annoying that the pirates can find me after a silenced shot but in this case the dogs in the camp, who could not have seen me, raced out into the jungle to attack me after a silence shot. Other than that I find the AI to be better than average.
  14. Dogs have much better hearing and sense of smell - I think that's the justification for it and the main reason they exist in the game.
  15. Now I know what you guys were talking about in regards to the armored pirates! Even leaving a vehicle nearby, luring them out onto the road, and then running them over didn't work. They seemed to just magically ride the top of the hood after I hit them and then opened fire when I got out (even if the car was underwater).
  16. I've finality started caring the grenade launcher with me. If you're detected that's about the easiest way to take those guys out. Have you tried using any land mines yet? I was thinking of placing several around a base and then letting the alarm go off. In theory the jeeps will come in and go boom. Taking out a loaded vehicle gives a really good multi-kill bonus.
  17. I shot a tiger 3 times with a sniper rifle and it didn't die. I was sneaking up to an enemy camp when I heard the feline behind me. I didn't want to use my LMG for fear of alerting the pirates. The tiger didn't go down easy. That's the reason I now carry a silenced MP5. So now I have a silenced sniper rifle for popping pirate skulls from the undergrowth, a silenced SMG for close range stealth kills, an LMG with a reflex sight for general capping and my baby, the RPG for vehicular disposal. If only I could tear myself away from Black Ops 2 to play FarCry 3.
  18. After that mission where you first come across the land mines some funny shit can happen. I spawned to find tigers hunting buffalo on the mine field. Everyone involved dies hilariously. On this subject I think I've ruined this game for myself, as I do most open world games around halfway through. On my last play I just messed around for a few hours. Commandeering cars with passengers and doing crazy shit for ages only to drive the car off a massive cliff or into a river bailing before it drives off the edge. I then harassed other drivers by ramming them once and then following them, ramming them along the way until they died in their cars from too many impacts. After that I messed around in the big patrol boat running over sharks and destroying friendly IRB's just by running them over... sometimes you can kill the people on board if you do it right, other times their boat will eventually catch on fire. This lead to doing crazy stuff to annoy friendly islanders until they turned against me cause the truck i blew up killed some of them. Then on to killing the wildlife in hilarious ways like driving a badly damaged car off a jump into the ocean to try and shoot at it to blow up a shark.

    Basically it's now GTA, I'm a suppressed psychopath and I have little desire to play the story any more. :(
  19. The upgraded sniper rifle you can get fairly early on takes them down in two shots for me.

    The MP5 is ok but chews the ammo way too fast for how little damage it does. Especially if you want it to be accurate AND silenced as you can't use the extended magazine. You get a special smg later on which is a fair bit better, I use that in place of a pistol. I usually also carry a sniper rifle (silenced), a M16S and either an explosive weapon or the bow. The shotgun is great for indoor areas or animal attacks but it's more of a last resort thing... Usually I just run to cover, heal and find a new vantage point instead.
  20. Actually, I'm rethinking the M16S, it's great for conserving ammo, but with max ammo capacity there's no need for that. I love taking down pirates one by one in one shot, but that's only good for medium range, at close range I panic. But then the F1 is not much better than an over powered SMG, good for medium, not M16S good, but way better for close range. Do you guys prefer the F1, M16S or is there a special assault rifle I will probably get soon that's a much better choice?