Far Cry 5 - Squeal like a Piggy! Edition

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  1. The setting in the new Far Cry game looks awesome. Rural Montana, cut off from the outside world, fighting a violent Jesus cult. This sounds like an prepper's wet dream simulator. I can't wait to see some gameplay. The teasers already show the redneck pilot mounting a minigun on a crop duster, so I won't hold my breath on them being semi-realistic and limiting the weapons to what you would actually expect to find in fly-over America. That would have been cool, but I certainly won't complain as long as the gun selection is broad. The story is already looking like a winner. I'm very excited.

    Good job so far Ubisoft. Please don't do what you usually do and not deliver.
  2. Having enjoyed 3,4, and Primal, I'm sure I will be getting this.
  3. I might get this too as ubi hinted at a real coop mode this time
  4. The co-op mode is real! That is exciting.

    I've watched some gameplay and this is looking like a must buy.
  5. Whats a prepper?
  6. It's short for Dooms Day Prepper. These are people who prepare themselves for the fall of civilization. They basically prepare for The Walking Dead but without the zombies. They collect weapons, ammo, food, water, and build bunkers. There are several reality TV shows about it.

  7. I'll probably pick this up at launch. I've enjoyed all of the FC games except #2.
  8. Even Primal?
  9. I never played Primal. Was it any good?
  10. I think we had this discussion. It was a good game that would never appeal to the masses. It looked great.

  11. whenever i think about far cry i laugh a little because it reminds me of the epic PVC draw distance thread. the last one i played was in the african sarengetti. man that was a disappointment, but it may have been too ahead of its time.
  12. Yeah wasn't there some guy who was obsessed with Far Cry and his 9800Pro? Might have been pjliverpool.
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  13. That is just insane.

    And pjliverpool hangs out at Beyond3D. And I bet that he's using Far Cry 5 as an avatar.
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    The graphics are good, but nothing mind blowing. The game is very well optimized though. I have a 1070 and it runs very well on ultra settings at 1440p. I haven't encountered any slow down.
  15. Yeah it's well optimized. I was expecting some dips into the 40s but it sticks around 60. The graphics are good but I don't think they beat some of the 2017 games like Battlefield 1.
  16. I bought it on PC a few days ago. Looks very nice. I'm still messing around with the settings. It looks really good and is usually fun. However, the difficulty is a joke and the AI can be horrendous, particularly civilian/ friendly NPCs that have just stood in front of enemies during a gunfight casually like they were just taking a cigarette break or something.
  17. I don't think the horrendous AI is an accident. I think they keep it in the game to add some chaos and humor. The game never takes itself too serious. It's more serious than Just Cause but not as serious as GTA.
  18. It's irritating to see frequent "Don't harm civilian" admonishments when they stroll right through gunfights constantly. I rarely inadvertently kill civilian/ friendly NPCs in other games, but it happens a lot in FC5 because they AI is so terrible and doesn't react sensibility even when enemies are shooting at them or are next to them.
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    I just stopped caring and shoot or run over anything that moves. And if it keeps moving I shoot or run over it again. The human companions are boring and I don’t care if they die. I only use the dog and cheeseburger the bear.
  20. I like the sniper lady as she can shoot down helicopters pretty quickly.