Far Cry 5 - Squeal like a Piggy! Edition

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    I forgot to mention that I am getting 60 fps most of the time and have almost every setting at max with the exception of SMAA over TAA and turning down Shadows slightly with the resolution scaler at .8 of 2160p, which I think would end up being a bit below the pixel density of 1800p. I'm definitely impressed at how well it seems to be optimized for each platform.
  2. The PC controls for the planes suck sweaty ballsack. I'd recommend connecting a 360 or XB1 controller for those segments.
  3. Planes suck. Helicopters rule. Of course once you get an attack helicopter the whole game dynamic changes. I rarely have to put my feet on the ground any more.
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    The roads are death traps. Enemy vehicles will just respawn endlessly on them until you are dead. The game really gets a lot better once you get in the air.

    I think the planes are ok, just not with a keyboard. Trying to fly with a keyboard made me want to smash my PC. Especially during the Clutch Nixon stunt flying mission. I can fly them just fine using the left stick on the xbox controller though.
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    Yeah you're right, the planes suck compared to the attack helicopters. They're more of an early game/story mission thing. They are hard to land and you have to do strafing runs to attack anything on the ground. And it's so hard to kill all of the enemies in the strafing runs that eventually you will have to land and get out. The attack helicopters are easy to land, but you can usually just hover around and kill everything without ever having to get out of the helicopter.

    Also because the enemies are bullet sponges, the best guns are the machine guns. I would recommend getting the M60 or M249 as soon as possible. The assault rifle you start out with is borderline worthless. It's worth upgrading an SMG or pistol because that's what you will use in some of the vehicles.
  6. It's a hovering death machine that can rack up so many points you won't even need to do the story missions. The trick is to always keep it moving so rockets and snipers cant get it. The vehicle regeneration perk is also great to have. I've had the helicopter spiral down towards the ground from bullet damage and then fix itself before it hits ground. Whats funny/stupid is enemy fire arrows will pass through the helicopter and set you on fire while flying.
  7. Yeah the attack helicopters are so OP they basically break the game. You can rack up resistance points very fast and advance the main story missions without having to do much if any side quest stuff.
  8. Is FC5 worth $60? I want it, but I've heard mixed reviews.
  9. I think very few games are worth $60 so I'll say no. $50 to $60 if you are a big fan of the franchise. $40 to $50 if you really like sandbox shooters. $30 to $40 for everyone else. I'd been waiting for this game so I paid $52. Check Greenman Gaming. If you like Far Cry games it's more of the exact same stuff but with a different environment and story. I expected it to make fun of Red Necks and ultra conservatives but it was kind of the opposite. The enemy's are basically the real Montana militia pre-Y2K who were expecting a collapse. The games beginning is almost identical to the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992. I'll also say that I didn't like the ending but I think many people will. For me it's 4>5>Primal>3.
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    I really enjoy Far Cry games and have been onboard with this franchise from the beginning. So for me it was a day 1 purchase. I think for most people, this will be best when it gets down to $30 or cheaper. It's a good game, but it's more of the same gameplay from #3 and #4, just in a Montana setting with a Doomsday cult as the enemy.

    As bfun said, some people misinterpreted the advertising for this game. It doesn't make fun of rednecks, the alt-right or Donald Trump. This is a game about Doomsday cults. The Father (the main villain) kind of looks and sounds like David Koresh. Elements of the game are reminiscent of the Jonestown Massacre or Ruby Ridge. The heroes of the game who fight back against the cult are actually a bunch of small town rednecks with guns and pickup trucks. There are some very liberal game critics who gave it bad reviews because it didn't make the political statement they wanted it to make (Arstechnica, Polygon).

    I'm not finished with the game, but I would probably give it a 7.5 or maybe an 8 out of 10. IMO #1 and #4 are the best Far Cry games. #3 and #5 are both pretty good. #2 is aptly numbered because it was an absolute turd of a game. I haven't played Primal yet.
  11. As much as people hated Far Cry 2 it's hard to deny that it actually had way better physics than Far Cry 5.