Fascism in America

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  1. I thought we should just start a thread for this kind of stuff since this country seems to be turning into more of an Orwellian nightmare every day.

    Now there's a bill before the senate to put government tracking devices in every new car by 2015 so the government can spy on citizens' whereabouts.

  2. At least they'll know where it is when it gets stolen!
  3. I'm waiting for them to start lowjacking people. That can't be far off.
  4. I lost my car once. It would have been nice to have this back then.
  5. They can already do this with cellphones. I suppose they could get your exact whereabouts by specific route with a car. But I bet they can triangulate your travels pretty well already, based on cell tower hops.
  6. well sort of. not every phone has GPS though... but yeah. And with more cars getting GPS anyway this news is rather old if you think of it that way.
  7. You can still get a fairly accurate location from cell tower triangulation though.

  8. funny, the media actually caught on to this one. FIRE HIM FIIIIIIIIRE HIIIIIIIM!!!!
  9. Ha!

    Police start beating an unarmed mentally ill kid, a 3rd officer tries to stop them and get suspended and possibly fired.

  10. At this point I'm more terrified of the police in this country than I am of criminals, let's put it that way.

    They have no accountability, and they seem to be looking for any excuse they can find to beat you up and throw you in jail. Bad cops are never punished, and the handful of good cops who try to do the right thing always get screwed for crossing the blue line.
  11. was that the best site you could find for that subject? now I'm looking at pics of nicky minaj's booty on that same site
  12. I'd put them at about equal lol... I doubt either party has much in the way of accountability lol
  13. How much of a corporate tool are each of our recent US presidents compared to when we had real leaders?

    Stat of the Day:

    Franklin Roosevelt total vetoes: 635

    George W. Bush total vetoes: 12

    Barack Obama total vetoes: 2

    The "leaders" we have now are corporate puppets who will do whatever they are told by their corporate masters.

    Also, here's a quick lesson about why the message of neocons and neocons in sheep's clothing (i.e., Obama) are full of shit regarding job creation and massive tax cuts for the rich.

    Here's what happens when you reject that bullshit and do the opposite.

    FDR assumed office on March 4, 1933.

  14. FDR was a brilliant leader, maybe the best this country has ever had.

    His solution for dealing with Republicans was basically to tell them to go fuck themselves, which is the correct solution.
  15. I would take the veto statistics with a grain or two of salt. According to the Wiki, Grover Cleveland had the most vetoes of anyone (414 in a single term), and Abraham Lincoln had a grand total of 7. Jefferson? Zero.
  16. I'm not claiming that the more you veto, the better president that you are. But with all the horrendous bullshit laws coming through Congress recently, Obama signs practically ANYTHING. Ditto with W. Bush.

    FDR, on the other hand, alone accounts for 25% of the presidential vetos, a staggering figure. He took no crap from his opponents and mocked them publicly. He showed no timidity or fear. We so need a liberal president with a spine who will stand up for the people the way FDR did.

    In addition, on offense, FDR's track record of getting things he wanted through was unreal. His first 100 days in office set the standard for future presidents. It was incredible what he was unable to accomplish.

    The presidency of FDR something I frequently bring up because they had many of the same major problems we're dealing with now. Crooked banks crashing the economy. Unemployment. Social safety nets. Wars. He provided the blueprint regarding what we should do to get through it and fix the problems. Unfortunately, our current politicians aren't doing any of those things.
  17. Could someone like FDR actually rise to power today though? The whole system seems to be stacked against it. People thought they were electing an FDR type of figure back in 2008, but Obama turned out to be a neocon in sheep's clothing whose policies are almost indistinguishable from his predecessor.
  18. It's getting close to impossible anymore. It might be impossible if the internet falls completely under establishment control, which is being aggressively pursued. Someone would probably have to be relatively famous and well-liked prior to being elected to have a decent chance at fighting the establishment. No one from obscurity has a chance anymore. The citizens need to express discontent and push for real changes, but as dumb, apathetic, and brainwashed as this country is, it doesn't seem possible. Just watching some of the antics of the dumbasses from the Koch brother funded Tea Party events dashes most of my optimism. And the dumbfucks I meet weekly who hate liberals and want tax cuts yet they themselves live off of Social Security benefits and do not pay income tax. I don't know how to respond to that or what to think sometimes.
  19. Wasn't Grover Cleveland the only US president to (for some random reason) be counted as two presidents?

    I was watching QI last night.
  20. He served two non consecutive terms.