FCC net neutrality vote 12.14

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  1. Reddit imploded with net neutrality in every sub Reddit. At first I was getting mad but one of the threads had this crazy shit from Europe. Fuck that noise.

  2. Wow. That took an organised effort to spam each subreddit. Good job?
  3. What is this net neutrality about? Been seeing it being banded about a lot lately but not bothered to look it up.
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    There are a hundred ways to describe it but it comes down to one killer thing. Killing net neutrality would allow Internet companies to create tiers of service with different speeds and prices. Right now it's considered neutral since every one is equal. If you set up a website to sell your old stink shoes the Internet treats your site like it does Amazon. With neutrality gone the providers like Comcast would charge more for our current speed and people who can't pay get their speed across the Internet dropped. They could also slow down Netflix while speeding up Comcast streaming in an effort to hurt Netflix and help themselves. In the long run that really put's the whole future of the Internet in their hands because they will be the ones picking winners and loser. Startups and small sites can get crushed by the giant companies that can pay the tolls. Have you ever stopped using a website because it was too slow? They will have the ability to make that happen on purpose. Aside from being super evil and annoying there is the argument that the Internet has switched from a luxury to a necessity. People pay their bills, go to school, and get critical information from the Internet now. Some believe it should be considered a utility like water and power.

    Here is a British guy to explain it.

  5. Jesus man...
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    Yeah, getting rid of net neutrality would turn the internet into trash similar to cable TV. Douchebags are trying to push this shit through while no one is paying attention. It would ruin the internet.

    If this actually goes through I could see the backlash being immense. You can take away all kinds of freedoms. But touch someone's porn, video games, and movies? That will get them pissed.
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    It got repealed. The internet could get turned into something real shitty like cable TV where you have to pay more to get to certain websites that were previously free.

    If it gets really bad I may be using my VPN a lot to connect to servers in other countries.
  8. America really is run by a bunch of corrupt men who will do anything, no matter how stupid, as long as it means they make more money.
  9. So, this wont effect us outside of the US? Apart from porn...
  10. Our laws on this are enshrined in EU law and we are writing them into UK law when/if we Brexit.

    We also have proper competition here and regulators. The US doesn't really have either, you get what you're given when it comes to ISPs out there. Here if one ISP takes the piss ofcom will tear them a new one, ofcom has been breaking up BT for years to make sure it doesn't dominate.
  11. That's unchecked capitalism for you. Surely one of you political parties is the same? I'm hoping this gets stuck in the courts long enough for it to become an issue in the next presidental election.
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    In most areas you only have access to 1 or if you are really lucky maybe 2 ISPs. And one of those options may be something painfully slow like DSL, satellite, or a 4G hotspot. The idea of leaving things up to free market forces in the US is insane, because the telecoms have complete and total monopolies with no competition in most areas. If we had 20 ISPs competing for our business that would be one thing. In most of the US you have no choice. It's Comcast or nothing. Or AT&T or nothing. We needed more regulation of our ISPs, especially with regard to pricing, not less. And now we've just completely handed the reigns over to these monopolies.
  13. Coming soon.

  14. ISPs should throttle bandwidth on the sites with the most traffic until they pay a fee.
  15. I'm holding out judgement on the situation because none of these doomsday scenarios existed before net neutrality was policy three years ago. There is this trend right now that every time a regulation is revoked, everyone screams that the water will be poisoned.

    I'll say this:
    - I would prefer a solution that didn't require FCC regulating internet traffic. This is a trojan horse for government censorship.
    - The problem is that we created an environment where ISPs are monopolies. That is the real issue that should be dealt with. Lets not put a bandaid on a broken bone and call it a day. We need to look at the root causes of why there is no competition for ISPs and address it.
  16. LOL just look at your cell phone ToS. There were similar pricing structures being developed for home internet along with extorting money out of Netflix and others. The regulation in 2014 was a preemptive strike and is supported by 83% of the country.

    We need to look at why an industry that built "their infrastructure" with free taxpayer money, cannot be regulated on behalf of said tax payers. Socialists!
  17. As I said before, thinking free market forces will sort everything out is madness when talking about crony capitalist monopolies like the telecoms.