Final Fantasy XIII-3?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. There were rumours flying about a while back that they were thinking of doing a third one but we should know soon. I still have yet to play FFXIII-2 so I cannot comment on whether a third one would be welcome, but surely this story has run its course and the same battle system a third time seems too tiring.
  2. Maybe XV has been shifted to next gen consoles so they just plan on spewing junk until then.
  3. They still have to finish and release Versus as well as the FFX HD release. They did say the crystalis FFXIII story would span ten years. :s
  4. don't forget the FF14 reboot lol actually looking forward to that.
  5. So many spin off's... I don't pay attention to the online, versus or sequel ones...
  6. Well they are re-releasing the PC version of FFVII with some added extras so it looks like they are trying to cash in at the moment.,news-15771.html
  7. Yeah. I don't get what they're thinking. People have been clamouring for a FFVII remake for many years now (thinking of THAT PS3 tech demo) but instead of giving the fans a remake they give them a re-hash re-release with ever so slightly improved visuals. The amount of hate this is generating was a bit of a shock but not totally surprising.
  8. I thought Final Fantasy 13 had poor sales and was supposed to be pretty awful. Why all of these sequels?
  9. FFXII-2 was made to make up for the lack of towns and to sort out the linear stuff. This third one must be because FFXII-2 sold well...

    And Square are saving a FFVII remake for the day they are in trouble and need money to bail themselves out.
  10. Screw FF7. They need to do a FF3/6 remake.
  11. FFV and FFVI are hopefully in the works for a 3DS remake, just like the DS got FFIII and FFIV.
  12. are those remakes or rereleases? did they update the gfx or anything? I gues you could call the CG cutscenes remakes but I think the fans won't be happy till it's ALL remade. And then they'll find a reason to be unhappy again 5 years later.
  13. The two DS versions are remakes in better graphics in 3D and also FFIV DS has voice overs in the cutscenes.
  14. You forgot to mention that they are both bastard hard. They use the original Japanese difficulty.
  15. Really? I found them normal myself. The only hard bits I remember were the last areas on both games.
  16. What a shame. XIII was such a wonderful game and well deserving of st least 6-10 spin-offs and sequels.
  17. It is only a rumour and has not been made official by Square-Enix yet so keep the faith.

  18. Fuck's sake. I've been waiting for that game for years, it looked awesome too. I know some people who used FF Versus XIII as the reason to buy a PS3 instead of a 360 a few years back, gay.
  19. Like I just said, only rumours. They must know how wanted the game is buy gamers everywhere so wouldn't pull this....hopefully.