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  1. Told you so it was just a rumour!

  2. FFXIII Versus Not Cancelled

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    Hopefully this FFXIII announcement is about Versus not XIII-3..
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    I’m sure monsly will be relieved.
  5. FFXIII Versus Not Cancelled

    I'm really glad. I loved XIII so much - I'd happily buy a straight remake of the original, especially if it was less open and spent more time telling it's wonderful story that was full of characters that I really cared about.
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    Isn't XIII-Versus supposed to be completely different from XIII? Different battle system etc?

    Who knows if it is they may actually get this one half right. FFXIII-2 was better than XIII but still a pretty poor game in the FF series.
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    Yeah Versus looks to be totally different. I'm not sure why they didn't just call it FFXIV and bump XIV up to XV.

    Here's some gameplay from last year.

    Who knows if it has changed since then and by how much. Still, it looks like a completely different beast to XIII. Should have called it Final Fantasy Michael Bay XIII.
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    Someone needs to change the thread title as the game has become FFXV.

    Only been announced on PS4 at the moment.
  9. Looks great and of course as Nomura is helming this game, it will be great. I don't know how I feel about the battle system yet as turn based is now gone and RTA how replaced it. Being able to warp/platform looks neat though.
  10. More footage.

    Really not sure what I make of the battle system, been so long since we had a proper turn backed RPG with the name FF on it and I think that is a shame.
  11. I don't think they'll ever top FFX. I may be wrong, but they definitely seem to be trying to appeal to casual fans. You know, the people who see turn based combat as archaic. Fools.
  12. From the way the battle system from X to XV has gone it seems they want to get rid of proper turn based. Lets just see how it turns out.
  13. At least it looks like it's a bit more involved than mash x.
  14. Indeed. As long as it is different to Kingdom hearts battle system it will be fine. I hope they surprise us with the level up system and magic and stuff. Since FFX the level systems have copied X's but changed it to something different but similar.
  15. Isn't that every FF game is? Copying the previous game but changing it to something different but similar. I'm interested in the fact that they say it's a fantasy game based in reality. I'd like to know which reality they're living in that allows magic spells and giant mosnters.
  16. I think it means it is more based on the current space in time and where we are with technology along with how we build our cities. Nothing says that you can't have magic in a present day setting, that is the fantasy part I guess. Some of the cities are supposed to be based on real world locations.

    Apparently they wanted to do this with FFVII but for one reason or another it didn't happen.
  17. Featuring real cities is all the rage these days... Personally, I'm fine with pure fantasy for a game called Final Fantasy.

    Also, I take back what I said about the battle system. After watching the battle system trailer in that link it looks freaking awesome. This game is going to wash away the crap FFXIII brought.
  19. I preferred it when Final Fantasy games told a complete self contained story. I loved the story of FFXIII but I don't have the time to play two damn sequels to it.

    Just watched the combat trailer. Final Fantasy: The Hack 'n' Slasher. The combat does look, good, I guess. It's really hard to tell how it plays without a HUD. For all we know he could just be mashing X all the time, just like your typical gamecube punching game. It looks like the least Final Fantasy Final Fantasy game they've made so far. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. I'm still interested in this game but I really with Square would just make a proper turn based Final Fantasy game again.
  20. If you like XIII, XIII-2 would make you cream as its a better game all round, plus has time travel.

    Turn based seems to be a thing of the past for Final Fantasy, but this is something new but it could be akin to that of the Kingdom hearts battle system, but different.