Finally BEAT Bejeweled 2!!

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by licensetokill, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. Spent the better part of my gaming the last 16 months, determined to accomplish what only has been done by one other person (that I know of) and it took him 3 years!!!
    Essentially, on 'Classic', the game can only reach level 439, 2.147~ billion points before it errors out!

    The score began reversing itself, the progress bar doesn't move anymore, and effectively the game can't go to level 440!

    Now, I need to find something else to waste my time on...
  2. lol welcome back :) to the last week of pvc3...
  3. 2^31-1 (which is the maximum value an unsigned int32 can take) is about 80k greater than your score.

    you can either try to score something less than 80k to raise the number or report a bug :D
  4. ...or play a real game lol.
  5. And I am scared to ask:

    Do you have to play a single session for 16 months without turning off the console to score 2^31 or the number sums up when you play short sessions day by day?
  6. lol did g4 buy the rights to this or what?? lol

    also I consider bejeweled not just a casual game it, and anything popcap makes, is like the proGENERATOR of casual games. They make casual games, but they make GOOD casual games.

    But you still spent 16 months playing a casual game -_- in one respect I applaud you, I'm not just ridiculing you 100%, takes balls :)
  7. Fortunately, you can save the game!
  8. Bejeweled is for fags.
  9. No kill screen? What a letdown. I was hoping to learn some NSA secrets or at least the location of an ancient lost treasure.

    Signed, not unsigned. The sign eats one of the bits.
  10. I had wondered if you finished your high score mission with this one. Congrats! It's always hilarious to see how threatened some of the members of this forum are when it comes to the "casual" genre, even when they know it's someone who plays a wide variety of game types.
  11. sure, signed. thought "signed", wrote "unsigned".
  12. I don't think I've gotten past level 12.