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  1. Another attempt to revive Firefly is in progress.

    Here is the help Nathan buy firefly website.
  2. Didn't that film they did flop? I remember being none too impressed with it. I've got the series but never got around to watching it, bar the first episode or two which I've now forgotten. Is it really worth the time?
  3. The show itself was great. I'd put it up there with Star Trek TNG and the Battlestar Galactica remake as one of the best sci-fi shows on TV. The movie, not so much.
  4. I didn't really care for the movie. I started watching the show based on recommendations and really got into it after a few episodes. I think the show spends more time developing the characters which is import since the effects are pretty low budget.
  5. I watched the movie once. It was okay as was bored anyway. I keep hearing that the series is great though, so I may get around to watching it one day.
  6. I thought the movie was pretty solid. Not an all-time classic, but good. As for the series, I tend to think it's reputation is somewhat overrated, but still a very good effort. The interaction between the characters is what made the show. Good cast and chemistry. The overall "western in space" concept tended to fall flat in many of the episodes...they didn't really execute that part of it very well IMO. I tend to enjoy Farscape more than Firefly when it comes to the overall show concept.

    Not in the same league as Galactica though.
  7. Theme consistency was a bit of an issue but I figured they were just testing the waters. Star Trek NG had a few bad shows in the first season as well.

    This show would be called a “space opera” right?
  8. Firefly was a great show in its time. It's still a great show now when viewed independently of external influences, but this is next to impossible to do.

    The fans have blown this show so out of proportion in the past few years, that its built up this phenomenal amount of hype that nothing can deliver.
  9. Yeah, it's typical for alot of TV shows to kind of search for an identity in the 1st season...and since they only had 1 short season, it's easy to criticize. The interesting thing about Firefly is that they pretty much nailed the characters right off the bat, which compares well to the original Star Trek and BSG.
  10. Actually the first three seasons of Star Trek TNG were pretty awful. In hindsight I'm amazed it didn't get canceled. The show didn't really turn itself around until the Borg episode. After that it was great.
  11. Now the Brown Coats are gona come for you.
  12. I saw it years ago on DVD before the fans had blown it out of proportion. It had a cult following, but not the way it does now.
  13. I thought Galactica was very uneven. The first two seasons were great, but seasons three and four had a lot of bad episodes. When the show focused on space combat and life aboard the migrant fleet it was great. When it focused on soap opera-ish melodrama, and the cheesy Greek religious crap, it was bad. And there was way too much of the later in the later seasons. There also seemed to be a lot of red herrings in the plot in the last two seasons, like pretty much everything with Cylon Earth and that whole theater thing.