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  1. The PS3 gives you jack shit for points per work unit.
  2. I'm going to try client 7 beta. I had all 8 cores folding for 8 hours and when it finished I didn't get a score. Not sure what happened.

    BTW here is the link to register your donor name.
  3. Are you running the CPU and GPU clients simultaneously? I've heard some people do that.

    I think I'm going to stop folding on my PS3. It's taking 5-6 hours per work unit, and it doesn't add much to my score.
  4. I don't know whats going on. I downloaded the beta client which allows me to run GPU and SMP together. GPU is running like expected. Crappy. But the SMP works said 24 hours to completion and a score of 600 is expected. That's with 8 cores at 100%. From what I've read I should be getting near 10k. It's got 8 hours to go so I'll see what happens when it finishes.

    Here is the link for the Beta client.
  5. My CPU is old and weak so I probably won't even bother trying to use it to fold. If I had an i5 or an i7, sure, but it hardly seems worth it on an older Core 2.

    lol. Trying to fold on an Atom would be like trying to ride across the country on a tricycle. I wonder if you could even finish a work unit in time for its deadline.
  6. Here are the top teams. Looks like it goes back and forth between HardOCP and EVGA. I'm not surprised EVGA is #1 considering the unfair advantage nvidia cards seem to have in this. The whole thing is pretty much a big e-penis competition for which forum or website has the fastest computers.

    We would have to complete about 108,000 work units to even appear on the top 100 list. That would only take us about 15 years at our current rate. LOL.

    If I were still in college living in the dorms where I didn't pay the energy bill, I'd probably build a farm for this out of all the old ghetto computers I could find just for shits and giggles.
  7. I've heard of people using college computer labs.
  8. The computers at my school's computer labs were usually locked down. You couldn't install anything.

    This is a few years old, but it lays out the scoring. Their conclusion: the PS3 sucks for folding if you're primarily concerned with your score. While the cell is pretty powerful and it can fold some specialized proteins, it uses a lot of energy while contributing almost nothing to your score. Their conclusion is a bit out of date though as far as power consumption. While the first gen PS3s used 200W under load, the PS3 slim only uses about 75-85W, which isn't much. It still isn't really contributing much to your score though.

    Also, don't bother running the GPU client on low end cards. You get almost nothing for points while using nearly as much energy as you would on a mid range or high end card.
  9. I've turned mine off temporarily. 24 hour runs for 600 points seems wasteful. I'm asking around to see what the problem is with my setup.

    Yeah it's the guys that run the labs that get to run the software.
  10. Something is wrong. Even the PS3 pulls in around 900-1000 points per day. And your setup is much more powerful than the PS3.
  11. Yeah something is wacked. It did the same thing on two different clients. I reset my bios last night and that didn't do anything.
  12. I signed up a few years ago (on the boinc client :)) I'm too lazy to keep it up though lol.