Forza 3

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by L.A.D, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. I've had this game for a while now but I'm not a massive fan of Racing games however I've been bored recently and decided to start playing this again and I'm starting to really enjoy it the cars all seem to be Different in feel and some of the tracks are amazing if maybe slightly repetitious and the Car customization is pretty cool altho I'm pretty useless at it.

    I'm In my 3rd year of season play and have just completed the A class championship I'm level 19 and half about £600,000 in the bank., anyone else playing this game? what are your thoughts and how far are you? what game do you prefer this or Gran turismo, Discuss...
  2. The Forza series has never really grabbed me. I'm not a huge racing fan though; I like some of the Gran Turismo games but that's about it for proper racers. I'd love to play a decent destruction derby game this generation; last gen we had some good ones indeed.
  3. I'm not a fan of racing games usually either they get to monotonous for me after a short while however I seem to be quite enjoying Forza, Have to say I still prefer Gran turismo, Forza is too easy and you get given cars far to often I like GT because You would have to do ten races to get enough money/ sell enuff crap gift cars to enable you to enter a few competitions.

    as for Destruction Games, I used to love destruction Derby on the Old PS1 haven't played anything like that since however.