Fox News fires Bill O'Reilly

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  3. I've spent 2/3 of my life waiting for this day... this irrelevant old man pushing his draconian views was played out back in high school. Interestingly enough, he used to be the far-right on Fox News back then. By the time I graduated college, Fox had hired so many loons, O'Reilly was the moderate and reasonable one.

    But he still played the professional victim better than anyone. Hypocritically, using the full force of the FauxNews machine to bully anyone who disagreed. These old morally superior bullshit artists always get caught doing what they preach against.

    I think with the rise of the alt-right, Fox is trying to move to right of center.

    The tides are turning at Fox News. You can't explain that. YOU DON'T KNOW!!!
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    The only positive thing I can say about O'Reilly is that he provided Colbert with so much material that he spent 10 years doing a hilarious caricature of him.

    He's an angry, hateful, out of touch old windbag who enjoys creeping on women in his spare time. Unfortunately his show is very popular with older baby boomers who end up misinformed and angry.

    But compared to the alt-right, some of whom are literal Neo-Nazis, he looks moderate.
  5. With all the blame on O'Reilly, I think people are letting Fox News of easy. They were the ones writing the checks to keep victims quiet.

    I didn't realise how racist this guy was. He actually seems nice when he's calm and not insulting people.

  6. O'Reilly or Trevor Noah? Ba-da-bum-ching:D!
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    I don't know if Trevor is racist, but he's definitely not very funny. I miss Jon Stewart.

    I actually think no Colbert Report and no Daily Show With Jon Stewart played a big role in the lack of voter turnout among young people in this last election. I also think those shows played an enormous role in getting Obama elected twice. They were where a lot of people under the age of 35 got their news.
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  8. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart was the least biased, infotainment / opinion-news show in America. It was a bit left of center, but typically fair to all sides. Not even close to being far-left that MSNBC could be accused of. It was definitely sorely missed this election.

    Colbert Report, and Steven Colbert, in general gave no fucks about any pretense of fair and balanced. He still doesn't, and that's fair enough. The new Daily Show and Last Weekend Tonight have a clear narrative they push. Nothing wrong with that, but they should be honest about it.

    Comedy wise, Jon Oliver stomps Trevor Noah. Not being cringe worthy, is a good day for him.
  9. Looks like O'Reilly is getting ready to poop out a conspiracy theory on why he was fired. It's going to be yuge.