Free Sex on Monday

Discussion in 'monkeyCage' started by bfun, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Thats right. PVCF3 will now be offering FREE sex on Mondays. This is a limited time offer and coupons do not apply. For further details please contact cmdrmonkey. Also, for the free sex, please contact cmdrmonkey.

    Thank you.
    The Managment of PVCF3
  2. Well its gone midday on Monday and I haven't been given my sex yet. Very disappointed and with service as bad as this unless I am offered some sort of compensation very soon I don't think I will ever be coming back.
  3. I was given my free PVCF3 sex yesterday as the test bed for today's day of free sex. It didn't smell very pleasant.
  4. That's because cmdrmonkey doesn't brush his teeth.
  5. It's the American way.
  6. Does he do the Cleveland Steamer?
  7. No steamers were present but there was definitely some chocolate covered action. At least I think it was chocolate...
  8. Monkeys frivolous freak faeces fun?
  9. That's what the sign said :)

    Still, I had a good time.