Full Retard

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by cmdrmonkey, May 25, 2011.

  1. I think the theory about going full retard is true. Can anyone think a movie where an actor went full retard and got an Oscar? I can't think of any. I am Sam, Sling Blade, Nell, all got nominated but didn't win.
  2. Billy Bob Thornton should have won easily for Sling Blade. I'm also a fan of Geoffrey Rush, who won for Shine, but Thornton clearly deserved to win. Maybe it's because Thornton is seems to be jackass. I imagine he's made plenty of enemies. It's a shame because he can be incredible when he wants to be. He was exceptional in Sling Blade and The Man Who Wasn't There. He was pretty good in A Simple Plan as well.
  3. Hanks was more autistic than full retard. They even let him in the military.
  4. Forest Gump was no full-retard. He looked retarded, talked retarded but ran a successful shrimping business and had military honors. Challenged, yes. Not retarded. And that's all I have to say about that.
  5. Yeah, Forest Gump was too successful and had too many redeeming qualities to be full retard.
  6. John Travolta went all the way in Battlefield Earth and it sucked.
  7. That doesn't count because Travolta already is retarded.
  8. Indeed. Linked with scientology = ruhtahd
  9. He was certainly not autistic. And how would autism increase his chances in acceptance in the military? I would think either would get you rejected, especially now.

    EDIT: Evidently it was one point over the requirement of mild mental retardation at the time. So 1 point short of "full retard," whatever that is. He would be diagnosed with Borderline Intellectual Functioning now.
  10. Well whatever it was, I can tell you with full confidence that he wasn't full retard. If you ever rode the short bus before, you'd know what I'm talking about. And yes, I rode the short bus.