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  1. Should've walked it off like a boss.
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    I've found a way to watch those obnoxious SJW BuzzFeed videos and enjoy myself. A youtuber I watch likes editing videos in mischievous ways. This is a "harmful remix" of that irritating BuzzFeed video "36 Questions Women Have for Men."

    Also, here's a special bonus video for cmdrmonkey given he seems to be a big fan of Stefonknee Wolscht. Stefonknee has decided to do the obvious thing a 50-something transgendered person pretending to be a 6-year-old girl would do, try to make videos for CHILDREN. What could go wrong?

  3. LOL another epic performance from RDJ

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    People will probably vote for Trump just to spite those Hollywood douches.

    Your vote really doesn't matter unless you live in a swing state, and this election is douche vs turd just like every other one. Third parties need to become viable. And I think it's long past time to abolish the electoral college and go to the popular vote. The electoral college is old timey 18th century crap from a time when the popular vote would have been too hard to count.
  5. cmdrmonkey: victim of right-wing voting propaganda..."Don't vote! They're all the same!"
  6. alterego: victim of Hillary propaganda to convince him she's something other than a neo-con who represents the banks and billionaires.
  7. Clinton is a progressive for social and civil rights and a moderate/centrist for banking and financial concerns. Overall, she might actually be a bit more left of Obama on the former and a bit more right on the latter. That doesn't align with neoconservatives, who are waaaay to the right on both. One easy example: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Neocons want to get rid of it entirely, but there's no doubt that Clinton supports it.

    Like I said earlier in the year, Sanders ran on a progressive platform within the Democratic party and couldn't win. He got drubbed in New York and California as well. It's not a majority progressive party yet, especially for the economic issues. That's lagging behind, but it's nowhere near neocon territory in reality.
  8. lol she won a rigged primary against Sanders. When the duplicity was exposed she immediately hired her co-conspirator sending a big "fuck you" to the public.

    A good chunk of voter are gonna send a big fuck you right back, in the form of a notorious troll.
  9. I never saw those before since Zach Galifianakis was the least funny person in the 2 movies I've seen him in. But that and the Obama clip are pretty good.
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    When people say "rigged", what they're really saying is that the DNC makes the rules (including the controversial superdelegates) and controls the debates etc. during the Democratic primary. But that's the way it's supposed to be. The DNC is not the government, and neither is the Democratic party. It's a private group. If they wanted to select Clinton without any voting taking place, they could.

    Ironically, that's exactly the way the Libertarian party selects it's presidential candidate. No nationwide voting. The party leadership nominates the candidate. Libertarians don't even believe in rule by majority, so that fits.
  11. Not funny but pretty neat.

  12. Mark Hamill reads Trump tweets in character as Joker from Batman The Animated Series. I fucking love these!