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  1. Eurovision did give us Epic Sax Guy, so I can't fault them too much. They can't all be winners.

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    I watched some of the other Eurovision videos to see if they were all trash, and a few are actually pretty talented. Estonia's entry is an opera singer with an excellent voice singing in Italian with runway model looks. Estonia only finished 8th. Bulgaria and Austria were also pretty decent. Apparently Eurovision fans prefer the porky chickenlady over talent.
  3. Hey if you want to discover a new sound, you've got to break a few chickenlady eggs
  4. It was actually an interesting mix of beat boxing, hip hop, teen pop and Asian imagery. The problem is the underlying performer lacks talent.

    Just skimming through some of the other Eurovision contestants. They are so mainstream cliche, I could see how something different seems better and good enough to win, even though it objectively still sucks.
  5. That's an understatement, particularly compared to Elina Nechayeva from Estonia. I wasn't expecting to hear such superb vocal talent from this contest. Her live performance blows away the competition. It isn't even close, and she was towards the bottom of the top 10.

    I might have been more receptive to Netta if she wasn't squawking like a chicken. It's difficult to listen to Nechayeva's "La Forza" and then listen to Netta's chicken noises and consider that worthy competition. I can admire her attempt to be creative (sans the chicken component), and I guess the Eurovision crowd loved it, but it didn't do much for me.

    There were only a few that really impressed me, mainly the entries from the countries I named. Many were mediocre at best.
  6. KFC should run an ad with the chickenlady song
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    I think Russians might be the worst drivers on the planet. They all seem to drive around drunk on Vodka, blaring terrible music and won't take their foot off the gas for anyone or anything. It seems like if you drive anything other than a tank in Russia, certain death awaits you.

  8. I don't think any fishing or hunting stories I've heard from friends or relatives are going to measure up to this.

    Not how I envisioned someone with this hobby.
  9. She can noodle my catfish any time
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    A bold new marketing strategy from Gillette: shame their entire customer base and portray them as sexist, bullying monsters. I wonder how it will work out for them.
  11. Channeling my inner Monsly, I'm not sure that is what people find offensive about that ad...

    It's pretending corporations give 1 goddamned fuck about social issues. Gillette sells razors and blades. Pretending they give a shit about anything in that video in order to sell razors and blades is stupid. We all know they don't care and just want to sell more razor blades. It comes off so fake and disingenuous it borders on offensive.
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    The cringe factor of a razor company pretending to care about social issues might be part of it, but look at the comments. The commercial implies that masculinity is toxic and that men need to be fixed. Imagine if they made a commercial like this about women and their "toxic femininity." We'd never hear the end of how the people who made it are horrible sexist monsters. I think men are tired of being punching bags for feminists and SJWs. I think they are tired of the double standards. We live in a society where it's okay to beat up on men constantly and people are tired of it. Sexism is still sexism when it's directed at men. And this ad is extremely sexist.
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    The men with testosterone low enough for this ad to appeal to them unfortunately probably need about 2 years to grow enough facial hair to need to shave. Perhaps soyboys will use their razors to shave their legs. And maybe Gillette has a self-castration kit and soy butter shaving cream on the way to market soon.

    I've used Mach 3 blades for quite awhile due to finding a large box discounted, but think I'll give Merkur a try next. Has anyone tried this?
  14. I've tried Harry's and Schick. Honestly dude, they are all the same. Gillette power versions are kinda plug and play for lazy people. Switching to that Merkur will save a ton of money but you'll pay with time. I think you need a boar brush and a type of foam with old school safety razors. Ain't nobody got time for that.

    @cmdrmonkey I feel like visible complaints will always be the vocal extremes. My anecdotal observation is most of the backlash is the corp. America's continued commoditization of hot button issues to sell wares.
  15. I've seen some badger hair brushes on amazon that are pretty cheap. Less than $10. I think I'll try it out of curiosity when I run out of woke intersectional feminist Mach 3 blades. I feel like I'm getting massively ripped off buying the plastic disposable crap. If I'm going to get hosed for shaving gear, I'll at least have something that looks like it should cost what I paid instead of further lining Proctor and Gamble's pockets for selling me flimsy plastic crap.
  16. Some of my friends switched to safety razors. You'll actually save a ton of money in the long run. The upfront cost may be like $100, but the cost of blades on an on-going basis is dirt cheap. It's like 100 blades for $15. But the trade-off is shaving becomes a time consuming ritual event.

    I have a Gillette Fusion power. I regularly shave while taking a shower. I resharpen the blades against my arm for about a minute beforehand. Been using the same razor for some time now.
  17. Merkur are fine German razors. I have the 34C but I prefer my Edwin Jagger DE89. It's $25 but you can pick up average quality Indian made stuff for about $16. Everything I've tried from Van Der Hagen was garbage.

    The Stirling Soap company makes some of the best value Badger brushes you can find. I have two and they never shed. Price is about $30. Those $10 ones on Amazon will shed like crazy and are probably not the best badger fur. Just FYI they kill the badger for it's fur in China. If you are apposed to that the RazoRock Plissoft BRUCE or Big BRUCE is about the best synthetic you can get and they are only $14 to $17. Some people like them better than badger. The razor blades vary ALOT. Some are less sharp but last longer. Some are very sharp but dull fast. Get a variety package and try several. In general l find that Gillette stuff sucks and those Japanese Feathers can split atoms. Not a good choice for a beginner.
  18. I will try a synthetic brush first if it works about as well. I was curious to know what was going on with the badgers and these brushes; I'd prefer to avoid that if possible.

    I'm finding a consistent preference for Edwin Jagger over Merkur from people online who have tried both. I'll probably try the Edwin Jagger first if I find a good deal.