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  1. Occasional-Cortex seems a lot like the left's Sarah Palin.

    The dancing thing seemed like a manufactured faux controversy. The corporate media claimed conservatives were "shaming" her with the dancing video. Who has had their political career ended or even significantly damaged because they were dancing? That doesn't make sense, and the video was leaked by a mysterious new account that was like a week old. I wouldn't be surprised if Democrats leaked it. She has a nice figure, and the video shows it off. More faux victimhood bullshit.
  2. That’s a fair analogy. People thought Palin was both an idiot and a super hot MILF. There was a lot of Palin themed MILF porn back in the day. I bet we also see some occasional cortex themed Latina porn.

  3. A conservative youtuber essentially uses the "journalistic" standards that CNN and MSNBC used in coverage of President Trump on Brian Stelter.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a flying dropkick to the back. It's impressive how little he moves. At 71 he's still a tank.

  5. Some little punk really thought he could challenge the governator?

  6. One of the loudest and most obnoxious sports media personalities ever is having another temper tantrum and needs a time out.
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  7. lol I’ve always felt he was over acting to help him stand out. And it’s worked.

    This is about the $1000 Apple monitor stand:


  8. This highly skilled trollmaster is a voice actress who streams trolling scam artists and wastes hours of their time playing various characters she makes up, driving them to the edge of sanity.

  9. The Gregory Brothers have found the perfect blend of the power of nature, barely comprehensible Japanese accents, impeccable song lyrics, and yodeling to fight crime.

  10. A rather unfortunate fumbling of words.
  11. Someone made a documentary about Monsly

  12. I found a really cool video showing the performance capture tech from Alita: Battle Angel in which they show an entire scene side by side with the lead actress Rosa Salazar and the CG Alita. You can see so much of the actress in the CG character's facial expressions. They performance captured pretty much everything, even the acrobatics in the fight scenes via an acrobat from Cirque du Soleil.


  13. Questionable assessment of this situation.
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    Media political coverage in 1987:

    Media political coverage in 2021:

    Deeply disturbing to think about new generations growing up thinking this bullshit is journalism. I am curious to see if the major parties are able to come up with two presidential candidates worse than 2020. I keep thinking we're going to hit a floor only to see them burrow through the floor and tunnel deeper each time.
  15. Yeah.... the rhetoric of the left is often cringey. That was pretty bad.


  16. In the spirit of making fun of cringe Democrat propaganda. I guess it’s technically a video.

  17. If you haven't seen any of Ted Lasso and just know this actress for shaming Cersei in Game of Thrones, this video may surprise you.
    I'll just say she definitely had other options besides acting:


  18. If you're going to try to manhandle and bully a guy 7 inches shorter than you, don't do it next to Aquaman.