Game of Thrones [Spoilers]

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  1. man this forum migration thing is a doozy. didn't know we didn't recreate this thread yet.

    anywho i just finished season 5 finally. i never read the books but i went ahead and looked up mance rayder's story. seems like martin took him for quite a turn from the book towards the HBO series.

    it'll be interesting how everything will turn out since martin is still dabbling around. literal mystery.
  2. I was standing 1 foot from the TV for 5x09... though Daenerys was done for! Glad she got out, but didn't like how they chose to do it... could've done a flyby to take out the people surrounding her crew.

    Also, after years of wanting John Snow dead for being a crybaby bitch, I was kinda sad to see it happen. He's the closest the show has to a 'good guy'. Heard he might come back with some witchcraft or some nonsense like that.

    Was also fairly sympathetic to Stannis until this season, he got got and his uppance came quick.
  3. I never really had much of an opinion on Jon Snows plot since it took awhile to get interesting but I never saw him as a crybaby. He more or less had to put up with a bunch of bullshit through the night's watch politics but when his plot picked up in the last 2 seasons, it really went nuts.

    My main complaint about this season was the Sparrows story arc. It really felt like it came out of nowhere and by the middle of the season, it made me wonder if I completely missed its development last season or something. Shit's gonna go nuts when Jaime gets back to king's landing.
  4. Stannis wasn't exactly shown as dead yet, so he might still be alive. S5 was actually quite poor apart the the last few episodes.
  5. Jon Snow was making smart moves against the white walkers. The problem is that he was doing it without the consent of his men, which got him shanked.

    I hope Stannis is dead. He deserves it after what he did to his daughter. He was an idiot and a terrible leader. He was also weak minded and being totally controlled by that witch. I think he finally realized that in the end.

    Ramsay is the most amusing character on the show by far. He's basically the GoT equivalent of The Joker. I love how he abuses Reek/Theon. What he did to Sansa was pretty shocking, but at the same time she was never a likeable character, so I guess I'm not that bothered by it. The actor playing him looks like he's having a ball with the part. Ramsay is a cool dude who proves that it's good to be bad. If something happens to him I might stop watching the show because he's just such an awesome villain.
  6. Iwan Rheon was absolutely brilliant in Misfits as Simon, especially in the first series (season) when he was really introverted. If you get a chance you should give that a go, both he and Robert Sheehan were brilliant in the first 2 series. After Robert left and Simon (Iwan) became confident it all went downhill fast.

    As for Thrones, I felt they tried to tell too many stories in 5 and it all felt really disjointed. At the same time it felt like very little actually happened across the 10 odd hours. Imagine they had tried to shoehorn Bran in! He is supposed to be back in 6 I believe.

    Can't see Jon staying dead with Melisandre being around, we already saw one of the fire priests revive a man many series ago.
  7. Trying to recall what happened to sansa... Is anybody 'playing' the telltale game of thrones story? Ramsey is the main bitch in that one lol one more episode in a month or so and it'll be done with season 1.
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    It was pretty messed up. Bran's mind control broke the guy's brain and ruined his life. He did a good job holding that door though.

    There was also the big reveal that the White Walkers were created by a race of near extinct elves to fight humans.
  9. Do you think the "hold the door" thing was thought up in the beginning when Hodor was created or just added in latter as a neat explanation to his mute nature?
  10. I hate convenient writing... Arya suddenly goes full retard strolling through town like a princess and looking at scenic overpasses. Bullshit. Not sure if Cersei and Jaime are doing a 180... I wanna see Jaime Lannister massacre Dorne. Kinda sad that Ramsay is probably going to bite it in a few episode. He was probably the most horrific character on the show but made me lol with his ridiculousness.
  11. Arya was going to get stabbed one way or another. There was no way that weird cult of many faced assassins was just going to let her walk away.
  12. Yeah, but she would've known something like that was coming. Thought that was what the character development was for. Bran's tower flashback scenes got me thinking. Jon Snow could be the son of Lyanna Stark and Danery's brother. I wonder how many seasons this show will be, because I want answers now damnit.
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    Jon Snow is Ned Stark's son. He had him with some woman he met while he was away fighting. Or are you suggesting that's all a lie and something else will be revealed in the flashbacks?

    I suspect the show will end with Jon Snow and Khaleesi teaming up to beat the white walkers, and probably getting married and ruling together. It seems like it's headed in that direction. Jon Snow and Khaleesi have also both had really similar character arcs: both basically brought back from the dead, both lost their first love, both leading armies of wild people. Everything seems to be leading to the two of them meeting. And I don't see them being enemies.
  14. I actually wondered if she expected it to happen. Like maybe it was part 2 of her escape plan and all that blood was actually a jar of Ragu chunky garden style in her pocket. I also wonder what will happen to the blond nameless girl if Arya doesn't die. She will have failed the nameless god.
  15. This show doesn't seem suitable for a happily ever after wedding. Though, I'd also bet on Jon Snow or Dany to take it down, maybe arya as a long-shot. Can't see the Lannisters or Barateons coming out alive as much as I like Cersei/Jaime. Tyrion will live if he sticks with Dany.

    The Tower flashback scene where Ned cheated his way to a win against the kingsguard. That was after the war was over and done. Then he ran up the stairs looking for his sister in the tower. He would've come back with Jon Snow just after this... so it's possibly Jon snow is his sisters rape child but also the last Targaryan son.


    LOL, I think I subliminally convinced myself I thought of this. It's actually in the first screenshot in post #11 where some guy correctly called Hodor. It actually makes sense and fits though.
  16. I think Jon is a tarhagagarean; Ned didn't seem like a character to cheat. I think Arya stuff must be some sort of plan; given everything she's been through then it seems very dumb to be caught out like that. I reckon they're really testing that psycho girl rather than Arya.
  17. Seems the Arya storyline was just retarded in the end. What a shitty end to a long shitty storyline. We put up with that turgid story arc for what? She can now fight a bit better and in the dark? Jebus. They seem to have too many different story strands to handle and are rushing to close some. A real pity.
  18. Seeing the Hound and his love for chicken was awesome.

    Agree about Arya, the only thing that came from that story was a semi-cool parting line. I don't think her fighting has improved one bit. She used a Syrio Ferel move from Season 1 to win. Complete shit and a colossal waste of time.